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Why Join University of South Asia?
High Achievers, Ambitious Professionals, Techies, Amazing and Passionate Individuals? You’ve opened the right door!

USA has dedicated it’s Campuses for one cause- Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Our goal is to work with brilliant and dedicated minds for fueling innovative thinking and delivering premium education using latest pedagogies. We are offering unique opportunity for you to grow your career while maximizing the impact you have on society.

At University of South Asia, we are developing solutions to global problems in general and Pakistan's issues in particular. We are busy doing:

Kanact Health

The Health initiative of USA is ready to provide a tech-driven Healthcare solution to people living in 192 Countries of the world. We are bringing Healthcare at the doorstep of every individual. Now patients will communicate with Kanact Health and get "Consultant" level medical advice followed by testing and diagnosis.

Kanact Media

The face of media is going to enter into the next generation once Kanact Media is launched, that is scheduled for 14th August 2022. Kanact Media will provide a dedicated news channel for every city of the world. All news stories played on Kanact Media will be free of any bias and will be verified to be true.

Kanact Online

University of South Asia will start providing Online Education to the students living in 192 countries in 42 Languages. Every student will have a dedicated teacher who will provide instant answers to all the questions of the students, revolutionizing education globally.

Kanact Trade

Kanact Trade is a platform where products will be sourced and sold without any geographical boundaries. This Trade Platform will struggle hard to promote "Made in Pakistan" thereby increasing our exports earning foreign exchange for Pakistan.

Kanact Digital

Kanact Digital will be the largest social media agency in the world with thousands of people working on providing digital services to the businesses and governments around the world.

Besides the above, University of South Asia is working on a large number of tech-driven projects with goals and ambitions to make Pakistan a great nation. If you have passion to excel in your life with hardwork, dedication, devotion and, honesty of purpose, USA invites you to become part of it's revolutionary team and help Pakistan grow while you will be earning beyond your expectations.

Excellence in Teaching
Can you imagine trying to learn how to drive from someone who has never driven a car before?

Even if they could tell you exactly every part of the car and could explain how it all worked on a chart, when it comes to actually getting the vehicle in motion, they would not know what to expect any more than you would as a complete fresher!

When you’re training for a career, the value of having an instructor who has experience in the field cannot be over emphasized!

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