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Doing more of the same
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Unlock Your Potential
Doing more of the same
is never the solution
Unlock Your Potential
Why Join Faculty of
University of South Asia?
High Achievers, Ambitious Professionals, Techies, Amazing and Passionate Individual's? You’ve opened the right door!

USA has dedicated it’s Campuses for one cause- Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Our goal is to work with brilliant and dedicated minds for fueling innovative thinking and delivering premium education using latest pedagogies. We are offering unique opportunity for you to grow your career while maximizing the impact you have on society.

Excellence in Teaching
Can you imagine trying to learn how to drive from someone who has never driven a car before?

Even if they could tell you exactly every part of the car and could explain how it all worked on a chart, when it comes to actually getting the vehicle in motion, they would not know what to expect any more than you would as a complete fresher!

When you’re training for a career, the value of having an instructor who has experience in the field cannot be over emphasized!

One Job, Same Time, Two Salaries

If you get selected, you will be entitled to:

(Leading Tech Based Projects)
Double Your Opportunity Combining Theory with Application Maximum Career Growth Developing Our Society Building Human Assets It all begins at University of South Asia.
Your Earning can be as BIG
as you can Imagine!
Departments @ USA
Choose from Any of the Following Areas for Your Career Growth
Computer Sciences &
Information Technology
Management Sciences
Humanities & Social Sciences
Arts & Architecture
Engineering & Technology
Allied Health Sciences
Food & Culinary Sciences
Projects @ USA
Our vision is that all faculty members are involved professionally in their fields leading any one of the following projects at University of South Asia. They can also pitch their ideas that the University will support by providing funding, office space, access to technology and technical expertise (Marketing, Legal, Finance, HR, Business Development etc.)
Through this experience, faculty members not only earn more, but they understand the ground realities in the market and gain consumer insights that will make them superior instructors, equipped to produce high quality graduates.
Business Models
Inter - Colleges
Tuition Academies
Sweets, Bakers & Fast Food Outlets
Grocery Stores
Medical Stores
Meat Shops
Fruit & Vegetable Shops
Mobile Phone Shops
Computer & Accessory Shops
Business Models
Perfumes & Cosmetics
Home Appliances
Kitchen Appliances
Crockery & Cutlery
Toys & Child Care Products
Linen & Towels
Wearables - Shoes, Purses
Books & Stationary
Construction Materials
Interior Decoration Materials
Hardware Goods
Medicines & Vitamins
Security Products
Automation Products
Real Estate
Sports & Gym Equipment
Consumer Services
Business Models
News Media Services
Entertainment Media Services
Public Transport Services
Catering Services
Laundry Services
Tailoring Services
Auto Repair Services
Architectural Services
Home Construction Services
What Comes Next?

You can browse through the list of projects being developed at USA and the open vacancies and apply for positions that align with your skillsets and expertise. Make sure to upload your video responses on the Job Application Portal to let us know the answer to “Explain Yourself”, your first introduction to the University.


Our Selection Committee will evaluate your application. They will screen your resume and determine your suitability.


Shortlisted applicants will appear for Physical Interviews on Campus where they will have to give short (5-10 minute) lecture on an area of their expertise followed by Q&A.

Orientation & Onboarding

Once you’ve been selected, our onboarding experience will include Orientation and Training Sessions to set you up for your professional journey with University of South Asia.

Employee Pay Packages

Each person will receive a fixed teaching pay package as Per Govt. Rules for University Faculty and a project salary, adopting the approach that has fueled growth globally.

Fresh Lecturer
Master's Degree
with 3.5 CGPA
Salary Range
Rs. 60,000 - Rs. 100,000
Fresh Assistant Professor
Recognized by HEC
Salary Range
Rs. 120,000 - Rs. 180,000
Associate Professor
Recognized by HEC with 5 Years Teaching Experience
Salary Range
Rs. 200,000 - Rs. 250,000
From Top 100 University Recognized by HEC with Relevant Teaching Experience and Publications
Salary Range
Rs. 300,000 - Rs. 600,000
Important Note

Project Salary will be based on individuals’ skills, contribution, learning curve, and potential to generate profits from the respective projects and can range from PKR 100,000 to PKR 3,000,000 (3 million). Academic Salary will be guaranteed while Project Salary will depend on individuals own efforts and ability to deliver.

Teaching and project work will be done within these office hours.

If you have any question, you can reach us at [email protected]

Open Positions
Content Writer
A pro researcher, writer and reader. Enjoys writing on a variety of subjects. Proven record of e......
Creative & Graphic Designer
Strong Graphic Design and Photography Experience. Strong Videography experience. Excellent Story......
Search Engine Optimization Specialist
Knowledge of SEO best practices, including website and content optimization, marketing and sales f......
UI Designer
Experience working in an agile/scrum development process. Hands-on experience creating wireframes......
Search Engine Optimization Specialist
Knowledge of SEO best practices, including website and content optimization, marketing and sales f......
Supply Chain Manager E-Commerce
Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Finance, Business, or related field with a minim......
Manager Public Relations
Have a minimum of three to five years of PR experience, preferably with some in-house experience.......
Manager HR
Degree educated with (or working towards) HR qualifications. Minimum of 5 years experience in HR......
Technology Officers
Experienced Software Developers. Working in a Scrum environment knowledge and experience across s......
Software Architects
Experienced software developer. Good at identifying issues, coming up with solutions to fix the r......
Software Programmers
Experience programming with two or more of the following languages: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript,......
General Manager
We are looking for a leader with a passion for driving growth and understanding the entrepreneurial......
Chief Financial officer
As the financial expert, we are looking for a professional with a solid background in leading and ma......
Marketing Head
The Marketing Head will work closely with the General Manager and the BOD to understand and identify......
Digital Head
As the Digital Marketing Head, you will be responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and m......
Advertising Head
The Head of Advertising will be the lead creative person for strategically evaluating the company&rs......
Business Development
To excel as the Head of Business Development, you should be an active listener, have a compelling sa......
Manager Finance
The Manager Finance will report to the CFO and will be responsible for; Monitor the day-to-day fi......
Communications Manager
The Communications Manager will report to the Head of Marketing and will lead in; Create informat......
Brand Manager
The brand manager will also report to the marketing manager and will be assigned the following; R......
Creative Manager
The creative manager will report to the Head of Advertisement and will be responsible for; Develo......
Production Manager
The production manager will report to the Head of Advertisement and will be responsible for; Assi......
Social media manager
The social media manager will work with the Head of Digital and will be responsible for; Running......
SEO Specialist
The SEO Specialist will work with the social media manager and report to the Head of Digital. The pr......

Did not find your interested position above? Fill the form below and we will get back to you.