Charter| University of South Asia Lahore

University of South Asia Charter

“Charter The University of South Asia, Lahore, Act 2005”
“Charter The University of South Asia, Lahore, Act 2021”

University of South Asia Regulations & Policies

“Regulation USA Regulations 2021”
“Regulation USA Semester System (Admissions, Registration & Examination) Amendment Regulations 2021”
“Regulation USA PhD Regulations 2023”
“Policy HEC Undergraduate Education Policy 2023 (Version 1.1)”
“Policy HEC Graduate Education Policy 2023”
“Policy HEC ORICs Policy 2021”
“Policy Policy and SOPs for Online Learning System”
“Policy HEC - Policy on Drugs and Tobacco Abuse in HEIs (2021)”
“Policy HEC - Policy on Protection Against Sexual Harassment in Higher Education Institutions (2020)”

QEC Manuals

“Manual Quality Assurance Manual”
“Manual Institutional Performance Evaluation Manual”
“Manual Self Assessment Manual”
University of South Asia