On Monday, October 12th, 2015 USA Health Sciences Society organized a seminar for over 150 participants in the A4 Lecture hall at University of South Asia’s Cantt. Campus.

The seminar was focused on the promotion of awareness among the students and faculty about the Promotion of Awareness about Preventive Care Of Arthritis. A lecture was presented by Dr. Ahsan Javed (Head of Department Health Sciences, USA) about Importance of Posture and Physical Activity in the Treatment of Arthritic Back Pain. The other presentation was delivered on the topic of Nutrition In Arthritis by Miss Nimra Asad (Nutrition Sciences)
A wall signature activity was also the part of the event which was verily appreciated by the participants. The activity pleaded the pledge to fight arthritis.
The Honorable Vice Chancellor and Registrar USA were present on the occasion. They appreciated the efforts of the students and expressed their desire for students to continue their endeavor for knowledge and awareness in field of health.