Date: Thursday. 22nd OCT, 2015

Audience: Management Science Students

“Although there is no such thing as the perfect CV but there are CVs that are close. Ultimately, it will be your skills and qualification that get you close to the job”

Career Counseling & Placement Centre, University of South Asia organized a workshop for the Bachelors students on “Effective CV Writing Skills” that broadly addressed the major areas of a resume, which facilitated the participants:

  1. To learn the purpose of a resume.
  2. To understand why a resume is important in their job search.
  3. Importance of chronological and combination resumes and select the appropriate type for their specific needs.
  4. Learned tips on what to include in a resume by identifying their strengths, skills and accomplishments.
  5. Learned to use resume action verbs.
  6. Recognized how to avoid common resume mistakes.
  7. Trained on the format and design their resume.
  8. Conceptualized how to maximize their resume based on individual needs and circumstances.
  9. Received a feedback on how to make accomplishment statements to include in their resume.

Over 120 students participated in the workshop and proactively took part in the discussions. Students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with active participation throughout the session. An interactive training environment was maintained throughout the workshop which encouraged the participants to raise their concerns about career anxiety and nervousness.

Career Counseling & Placement Centre conducts training workshops and seminars for the students on regular basis to help them develop remarkable professional skills that are required to enter the job market and exercise the confidence of a successful working professional.


Yasmeen Butt

Organizational Psychologist

Manager Industrial Linkages & Placements