Twenty First Century is the century of Digital Era where 4 billion people are connected through Internet! Professionals with command over Digital Technology are enjoying competitive edge over their peers. They are selling products & services at premium prices, earning from markets that are independent of borders and nationalities.

Do you want to stand among the highest paid Professionals?

Let’s just do it together….

USA’s 6-Month Professional “Diploma in WebTech & Digital Marketing”

is designed to provide digital skills from a 360-degree perspective creating experts of Web and Mobile App Development, Graphics Design, Film Making, Sales Skills and Digital Marketing. These skills can be used to earn from market of 4 billion internet users without any limitations of geographic boundaries.

To understand how you can Earn Big Dollars using Diploma in WebTech & Digital Marketing, please provide the following information:

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Do you know why it is so important to be a Certified Professional in WebTech & Digital Marketing?

Most fresh graduates are offered salaries between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000. However, with Certification in WebTech & Digital Marketing, they can enhance their market value and demand by, several times! By setting up a website of their own, they can showcase their skills in a smart manner to a larger audience, offering services to customers and businesses in a broader market.

Similarly housewives can start earning from the convenience of their homes, working during available free time. Retired individuals can also make best use of their time & experience to become more productive then they were at their jobs.

Businessmen can do wonders with the knowledge acquired during the certification. They can uncover new opportunities of growth,  extend their working hours to 24×7 making money even when they are sleeping.  The possibilities are endless!

Even If you are already a working professional you can choose to excel in your own area of specialization and boost your CV & earnings,  or make digital marketing your profession.

The fool proof 4 step-process to follow for success:

Evaluate your Skills Develop a Website and/or Mobile App Demonstrating your skills Promote your Website using Digital Marketing Start Earning

Architects Setup online architectural firm and target prospective customers

Fashion Designers Start an online clothing line and target respective niche markets

Engineers and Lawyers Develop online consultancy firms and get better clientele

These simple steps take you beyond local markets straight into the world of 4 Billion Internet Users. Additionally if you earn a CGPA of 3.5 during your Certification Studies, you can surely start earning Rs. 100,000 right after completing your studies or get a Job of Rs. 50,000 in your respective area or in the Digital Business.

Stop wondering, we have planned everything…


If you are interested in any specific area of specialization, you can choose any of the following certification:

  1. Art of Selling
  2. Web Development
  3. Mobile App development
  4. Digital Media Marketing
  5. Graphics Design
  6. Film and TV Production

*Duration of each of the certificate program is 3 Months

Program Duration

Option-1  Full-Time Study (6 Months Duration)
Option-2  Part-Time Study (No Time Limit)

Note: No Time limit is for applicants who are already in the profession and want to have their own pace of and sequence of study. Fee once paid will be good for any period of time.

From Scratch to Expert Professional

Diploma training begins from scratch and progresses to advanced concepts, producing professionals capable of developing simple to complex websites and mobile apps. Participants develop a project of their own, applying the concepts they learn to build a real portfolio and gain feedback from expert instructors, enabling them to master concepts.

On-Campus and On-Line Learning

Computer world is complex and exploring it without guided supervision becomes a lost activity in wilderness. The intertwined exploration of Web & Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Graphics & Film-making skills along with sales knowledge, prepares experts who can transform a business idea into Digital Reality. On-Campus learning is supported by On-Line follow-ups in the form of recorded lectures and tutorials to reinforce knowledge to slow learners.

Workshops for Value Addition

Several workshops are held to explain the practical ways of utilizing the knowledge gained during the studies. These workshops are offered by successful professionals who share their experience in an interactive learning environment adding Value to the Vision of the Participants.

Placement Services

Placement office rigorously markets the students, finding relevant and rewarding jobs for them. Fresh graduates who complete Diploma with CGPA 3.50 in first attempt are guaranteed Jobs by the University. No matter what the grades are, every individual will develop one project that if followed persistently will provide respectable earnings!

Fee & Expenses

Diploma Program (6 months)

Application Fee           Rs. 1,000

Registration Fee          Rs. 10,000

Monthly Tuition Fee    Rs. 10,000

Individual Certification (3 months)

Application Fee                     Rs. 1,000

Registration Fee                    Rs. 5,000

Total Tuition Fee                   Rs. 12,000