Quality education is the need of the hour to address the challenges our country faces. Youth is a powerful tool that must be well-guided, made knowledgeable and effectively utilized to propel our country ahead. When I was in the Government, I collaborated with the private sector to take historic steps that have achieved practical results in the field of education. Now at University of South Asia, I continue to strive for excellence.
At USA, we are embarking on the journey of revamping our curriculum, redesigning our teaching methodology, and placing greater emphasis on applied research and leadership. We are enhancing collaborations with our local and international partners to explore student exchange programs, internship programs and more opportunities for experiential learning of students. We believe all education must be directed towards a cause of enhancing society and improving the welfare of the community.
We want to create educated citizen leaders- individuals who not only apply their knowledge most effectively to benefit themselves but find ways of improving their communities. We inculcate the values of accountability and integrity amongst our students, as we wish to produce a generation that will take this country far ahead. Our students understand that their actions impact society-and are mindful of making positive impact.

Mian Imran Masood
Vice Chancellor