We stand at a critical milestone in the history of University of South Asia. With the completion of sixteen years of existence as a University, we look forward to expanding our presence in Pakistan and raising the quality of education.
We are setting out on a new path designed to engage closely with the critical issues of our day, to increase the employability of our students and to raise the University’s prominence in the world. We strive to transmit and interpret the values, creativity and experiences of the past in order to shine light on and enhance the present and shape the future.
As a University we are dedicated to free and open debate, unimpeded inquiry and discovery, and to act as a community whose academic vitality and capacity to serve others flow from, and are promoted by, our core values-
excellence, innovation and creativity, openness and responsibility. Our plans for the future include expanding our University Community, bringing people from the widest array of backgrounds and perspectives together to celebrate and learn from our differences, as excellence cannot be achieved without diversity. We will further incorporate technology in our courses to ensure the highest quality instruction and to improve the learning experience of our students.
Our desire is to foster entrepreneurial spirit in our students by guiding them to tackle big issues, seize opportunities, and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. We realize simple covering the curriculum alone is not enough, but rather student’s need a strong educational foundation and the necessary skill-set to ensure that they stand out in today’s world. That is the direction we are working on.

Hina M. Sadiq,
Vice Chairperson