Unleash Your Talents

You feel inferior? Do you think you are born with an ordinary brain which is not capable of making you efficient. You think you are not born with those typical talents of being a writer, dress designer, painter or a sports person? You look at successful people in the world and think they simply had it in them and you don’t. Do they have more vacancy to absorb that ridiculously huge amount of material we are told to learn? May be they do! but did you ever think what to do with what you have already rather than a brain that makes doctors, engineers and business men..

Do not determine your destiny by the number of failures you face at the beginning of your life. talents can not be earned with the number of A grades in a degree. Everybody has some unique talents and the good news is, you are also born with some. Maybe you have something which makes you different from other people in a positive way and may be your weakness could be your greatest strength.

People make fun of you because you’re a chatter box and have to speak more than you breathe they never know you have the ability to be a great Dj, news caster, spokes person. and the ability to work in a call centre. You are considered immature because you fancy living in a fairy tale or you take life as stories in fairy tales. Guess what! You could write one or many! which can earn you a handful of fortune, fame and fun!

You like to listen to other people’s problems, you have a free advisory service. Great, you can be psychologist. A good one. Your mother is tired of telling you to stop drawing and concentrate on the studies don’t worry you could prove yourself by being a painter, designer or an interior decorator.  You are a net addict, and you think it’s the whole world.. yes it is!! you can hire online jobs or learn web site designing and go on!!! you spend 10 hours a day looking in the mirror, do you? GOOD NEWS!! Your next step is a media appearance

You are a shout out person, you have to comment on something or the other you just cannot stop commenting. You have to talk what if someone listens or not… good God!!! You can be a columnist!! You spend hours in the kitchen to try new recipes people tell you it’s a waste of time no its not. Be a chef and prove it!!

You are obsessed with clothes. Your mother blames you to have 10 thousand dresses in your wardrobe! hmmm. You cannot be anything. give them away, to not be blamed of that anymore. Last but not the least if people are tired of your diplomatic answers and fake promises guess what! i am going to make your day by telling you a fortunate job of not having to do anything and just keep promising and faking them by being A POLITICIAN. No, it’s a joke!

But seriously give it a thought. Why do you only want to earn a degree that is fashionably hard for you acquire. Why not to look within yourself and find out your individuality and find what is assigned to “YOU” and unleash “YOUR” talent. The talent that was assigned to YOU, which says, there is no one more “YOU-ER than “YOU”

By Yasmin Butt

Manager Career Counseling & Placement Centre.