Professional Grooming Workshop by future excellers

//Professional Grooming Workshop by future excellers

Professional Grooming Workshop by future excellers

Technical Skills May Get You to the Job,

but Soft Skills Can Make You Or Break You as a Manager

Realizing the significance of professional grooming combined with impeccable soft skills, Dr. Irfan Amir – Dean of Management Sciences Faculty in collaboration with Future Excellers conducted an insightful motivational session for the business management Students at USA.

The session was voiced by Mudasar Ali – Chief Influential Officer | & Anila Waheed – Lead Influential Officer at Future Excellers. The session inculcated into the students the importance of self-grooming, communication, upgraded skills, & an entrepreneurial mindset, even as an employee, to be unbeatable in the highly competitive HR market. This inspirational session breathed new air into the attendees who acknowledge the importance of an individual persona & have started working towards branding themselves for the world.