Customer Relationship Management is turning into an unquestionable requirement for education sector hoping to modernize and streamline their recruitment process of students. The basic aim of using the CRM is to increase the customer satisfaction and expand the income of business. CRM for the education sector empowers organizations to stay up to date by encouraging and following each communication the University has with them crosswise over various stages.  This system is designed to help the management by simplifying their workflow and to improve the relationships with the students and Staff. The latest CRM platforms help the education sector to enhance their productivity.

The major and important benefits of using CRM in the education institutes is that it helps the institute to become a high competitor in education sector in the market place. By implementing the CRM it identifies the different trends and that trends becomes the feedback for the departments and it helps to analyze the trends for further decision taking stages.

CRM is very common in foreign countries educational institutes such as Australian National University, University of Toronto Canada but CRM is very rare in Pakistan educational institutes. It is a serious challenge for educational Institutes of Pakistan to implement the CRM systems. In Pakistan CRM system can be implemented in Higher Education Institutes to improve the performance by coordinating with people, technology and the process.

CRM can be implemented in institutes of Pakistan to increase the satisfaction of students and management. New methodologies and concepts must be implemented by using the CRM system. For this purpose, educational institutes must arrange the different training programs which will help the students and the management for the execution of CRM, which will definitely increase the market share and the focus of the customers to the institutes. By executing the CRM in Higher education Institutes of Pakistan will open a new roads of interest in the public sector as well as private sector institutions. So, proper execution of CRM in Education sector will make challenge for other institutes as well and this challenge will improve the education quality services in the Pakistan.