Fashion Show 2k19

The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear. Few highlights from one of the most trendy events of the year, Fashion Show 2K19. Where students of the fashion department of University of South Asia had showcased their thesis with some of the best dress designs of the town. Ali Josh had also attended the event as the chief guest. Honorable Vice Chancellor, Mian Imran Masood had come to appreciate students for their thesis.

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Session by Dawn Bread HR Team

CV and Resume are considered as the first impression of every individual who is applying for any job. To develop University of South Asia's student abilities to write a professional CV, USA had an amazing session by Major(R) Shehryar Ashraf and Syed Mujahid Hussain, HR Team of Dawn Group of Companies (Dawn bread) on "CV Writing and Interview Guidelines".

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Session by Ali Bin Ashraf

University of South Asia has launched an entrepreneurship series with the name "Meet The CEO" series for all students. Yesterday, The first session of the series held by Mr. Ali Bin Ashraf, CEO, ABA Associates on topic, "How do Entrepreneurs Handle Failure". He clarifies the doubts of students and gave them some amazing tips, how they can overcome their fears in starting up a new business. Session ended with a meeting with honorable Mian Imran Masood. Some clicks of the session ...

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Session by Syeda Mahrukh Raza and Dr. Wajahat Qazi

Syeda Mahrukh Raza and Dr. Wajahat Qazi shared their experience and insights on the topic "Machine Learning vs. Data Science: Tools, Applications and Prospects". This was a detailed seminar on how machine learning and data science can change your life emphatically followed by the Q/A session. Souvenir are also given to the guests as a token of appreciation and seminar ended with a Hi-tea.

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Khabarzar Show

Students of University of South Asia Raiwind road campus visited app news studio to attend Khabarzar show hosted by Aftab Iqbal. Under the supervision of respected HOD Electrical Department Sir Ali Aizaz, Faculty member of civil Engineering Dept' Sir Hassan Ali, Assistant manager students affair Miss Shehreen Hassan and Admissions and Events in charge Miss Zunaira Masood. Great exposure to students about live talk-show. The humor was great, students enjoyed a lot.

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Session by Faisal Rasheed Bhatti

It's really important for students to know the "Skills and Values Employers Seek in Jobseekers". Mr. Faisal Rasheed Bhatti, Global Head, Human Capital Division, NetSol Technologies, taught students what they need to develop to have those skills and values which companies require. It ended with an interactive Q/A session. Few highlights from the event ...

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Social Responsibility Initiative – MOU

After having an amazing session with Mr. Qaiser Abbas, University of South Asia has signed its 4th MOU of Social Responsibility Initiative (SRI) with Possibilities Foundation. Honorable Vice-Chancellor, Mian Imran Masood, Dean FMS, Dr. Irfan Amir has signed MOU with Mr. Qaiser Abbas as a witness on the behalf of Ms. Rashda Abbas, President Possibilities Foundation for the USA students engagement in Social Responsibility Initiatives.

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Session by Qaiser Abbas

A session by International Corporate Trainer, Mr. Qaiser Abbas (Chief Inspiring Officer of Possibilities) on the topic 'Shabash, Tum Kar Saktey Hoo'. It was an interactive session where Mr. Qaiser has awarded students with his books as a token of appreciation. He shared his life experiences in the form of 7 principles of success in life.

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