Session by Capt (R) Liaqat Ali Malik

University of South Asia believes in developing the ethical and moral values of their students. Today, Capt (R) Liaqat Ali Malik, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Lahore, had a great session at University of South Asia Tufail Road campus on "Traffic Awareness and Rules". He explains the importance of following traffic rules for the betterment of society and for our own safety.

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FestivAsia – Closing Ceremony

An amazing week of Festivasia comes to an end with a tribute night to the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan by "Asif Ali Santoo Khan". Former cast of Sher-Dil, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Hassan Niazi also attended the event. Honorable Vice Chancellor has closed the event by cake cutting ceremony and by presenting appreciation medals and trophies to the team for their efforts in making this event successful. Here are a few captures of the event.

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FestivAsia Inauguration Ceremony

FestivAsia Council is going to pay tribute to Legendary Late Artist Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. FestivAsia Council kicked up the hatrick banner with the cake cutting & oath ceremony. Worthy Vice Chancellor Mian Imran Masood graced as Chief Guest of the ceremony, added that FestivAsia is becoming creative reality year by year. Event Dates: 4th-10th March 2019

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Russian Police Arrested a Robot. So, Who Gets Punished When an AI Breaks the Law?

It looks cute, but this Russian-made robot had recently been “arrested,” after making rounds in a political rally, recording voters’ opinions about a candidate’s team. It sounds fairly harmless, but Promobot seemed to have made enough trouble to make the local authorities ask policemen to apprehend and detain the robot. “Police asked to remove the robot away from the crowded area, and even tried to handcuff him,” the Promobot spokesperson said. This isn’t the first time that Promobot got itself in a fair amount of mischief—it’s run away from its home laboratory before, twice. The mad run for freedom ended with a battery-drained robot blocking thickening traffic in the street; the programmers were left scratching their heads. The curious event, however, was called a hoax and a publicity stunt. AI ACCOUNTABILITY? So, what happens when artificially intelligent beings breaks the law? The scenario might seem like something straight out of sci-fi, but it’s a concern that’s quickly realizing itself as the technology develops more and more rapidly. Back in February, the US legally designated Google’s software as “the driver” in its autonomous cars. Which begs the question, who’s accountable for collisions caused by the software? Or in cases when there is a passenger in the autonomous car, and a third party is injured or killed, who gets sued? As the Washington Post points out, these questions boil down to liability, and not necessarily insurance. John Townsend, a spokesman for AAA Mid-Atlantic told the paper, “If you have a catastrophic failure of a product, you can sue the bejeezus out of a company, if the product causes the crash.” While these cases may be more straightforward, the difficulty compounds in vehicles where humans do have the option of manually taking over. Aside from driverless cars, other applications of AI raise different questions. For example, last year two artists created a bot and enabled it to surf the [...]

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The Soldier Behind World Smile Day

The world’s most recognized and beloved icon, the beaming yellow Smiley Face, was created in December of 1963 in Worcester, MA by a commercial artist and decorated WWII vet named Harvey Ball who never made more than the $45 he was paid for creating it. Swiftly Smiley “went viral” in an age before computers and became the most popular symbol of good will and good cheer on the planet. As the years passed Harvey Ball became concerned about the over-commercialization of his symbol, and how its original meaning had become lost in the marketplace. The Smiley Face knows no politics, no geography and no religion and Harvey wanted to make that clear. So he declared that the first Friday in October each year would become World Smile Day with the slogan “Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.” That’s our assignment for Friday, Oct. 7, 2016, as Harvey and his creation are remembered and celebrated in his hometown of Worcester, MA and around the world. Here is Harvey’s story from the forthcoming book “The Saga of Smiley—How a Cheerful Icon Changed the World”: Ask the man on the street who invented the Smiley Face and he might reply that it was created by Forrest Gump in the eponymous 1994 film, when Forrest wiped his muddy face on a yellow T-shirt. But Smiley came into being at a particular time—December of 1963—in a particular place—Worcester, Massachusetts, once a booming industrial metropolis of factories spewing out textiles and abrasives, but by the early sixties, a sleepy city that its 170,000 citizens affectionately called “Wormtown.” In December of 1963, the United States was reeling from the traumas of the Kennedy assassination and growing opposition to the Viet Nam war. And in Worcester, MA, the executives of the State Mutual Life Assurance Company of Worcester (now Hanover Insurance), detecting [...]

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Energy That’s Out of This World: NASA Just Found a Gamma Ray Star System

NASA Just Found a Gamma Ray Star System: An international team of scientists has found the brightest gamma-ray binary ever seen, and it’s the first to be seen outside the Milky Way galaxy. The team combined data from NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope with those from other facilities and confirmed that what was once thought was just a high-mass X-ray binary (HMXB) was in fact, a gamma-ray binary system. Their findings have been published in The Astrophysical Journal. The newly found gamma-ray binary, named LMC P3, was discovered in a small nearby galaxy called Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), located 163,000 light years away. Gamma-ray binaries are systems wherein there are two stars, one orbiting the other. One is usually a massive star and the other is either a black hole or a neutron star (an extremely magnetic star), and are very rare, with only five found in our galaxy to date. And so far, LMC P3 is the most luminous gamma-ray binary system ever found in terms of gamma rays, X-rays, radio waves and visible light. “Fermi has detected only five of these systems in our own galaxy, so finding one so luminous and distant is quite exciting,” NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center lead researcher Robin Corbet says. “Gamma-ray binaries are prized because the gamma-ray output changes significantly during each orbit and sometimes over longer time scales. This variation lets us study many of the emission processes common to other gamma-ray sources in unique detail.” COSMIC DEATH RAYS Having two extremely high-energy bodies within a system undoubtedly causes immense energy to be unleashed. On a regular day, the ozone layer protects us from gamma rays beaming around from outer space. However, gamma-ray bursts can wipe out life in an entire planet, if that planet happens to be in its beam direction. And some postulate that such an event did just that to Earth 450 million [...]

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