Setting and Infrastructure
The green environment is the basic lever of University’s campus setting and infrastructure. Our campus is famous in Lahore, Pakistan for its greenery and serenity. We are safeguarding environment and developing sustainable energy.
Our efforts with respect to setting and infrastructure are:
  1. Budget for sustainable efforts
  2. Foresting
  3. Vegetation
  4. Water Absorbance
Energy and Climate Change
University of South Asia is paying serious and concentrated attention to the use of energy and climate change issues.
We have installed energy efficient appliances, developing renewable energy usage policy, energy conservation program, green building, climate change adaptation and mitigation programs.
We firmly believe that waste treatment and recycling activities are major factors in creating a sustainable environment. University is determined and executing:
  1. Recycling program for university waste
  2. Program to reduce the use of paper and plastic in campus
  3. Organic waste treatment
  4. Sewerage disposal
University is working following indicators in order to decrease water usage and increasing conservation program.
  1. Water conservation program implementation
  2. Water recycling program implementation
  3. The use of water efficient appliances (water tap, toilet flush, etc)
  4. Treated water consumed
We are observing carbon emission and pollutant level in the University. Transportation policy is devised to limit the number of motor vehicles in campus, the use of campus bus and bicycle will encourage a healthier environment. The pedestrian policy will encourage students and staff to walk around campus, and avoid using private vehicle. The use of environmentally friendly public transportation will decrease carbon footprint around campus. We have adopted this framework of UI GreenMetric World University Rankings
  1. Shuttle service
  2. Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) policy on campus
  3. Pedestrian path policy on campus
Education and Research
We are inculcating the importance and knowledge about sustainable development goals (SDGs) among our students through different awareness seminars, workshops and courses in our curriculum.

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