Setting Up for Success

Most people find themselves having to persuade someone at some point. Persuasion is not just for salespeople and their prospects. The best persuasion is done by your children; somehow they come by it naturally while us, the adults, need to work rigorously to find the persuasive path to achievement.

Appear confident no matter what

 A confident personality is one of the most important parts of being persuasive. If you’re not sure about what you’re doing, then why should they trust you? Sit up straight, look people in the eye, smile, and keep your voice enthusiastic.

Know what you’re talking and telling people about

Do your homework. Keep yourself well informed and well aware of everything that you can possibly know about what you’re trying to talk them into. You’re never going to be very compelling if you tell them something that they know isn’t true. Try to only get information from authentic sources.

Prepare for anything against you

 Know some of the most common arguments and be ready to be the triumphant. No matter how hard someone tries to put your self esteem down, always face sensibly.

Keep calm, stay calm and keep the charm. No matter how hard the situation gets

If you are too loud or aggressive then no one will listen to you. Always keep calm and friendly.

Be Purposeful

Truly persuasive people understand their power and use it cautiously and consciously. These people truly understand that most conversations do not require trying to get someone to do or accept something. It’s the person who rarely asks or argues that ultimately gets consideration when they strongly advocate an idea, especially when they do it with power and determination.

 Acknowledge Credibility

To be persuasive one should value strong opinions and make sure that you are entitled to yours. In fact, full credit should be given for every argument of that has some validity. When you are persuading people, reinforce their credibility on facts and opinions rather than dismissing them outright. Then they’ll be more likely to pay you equal respect in the exchange.

Should know when to stay quiet

Successful persuaders get that you don’t win every battle by constantly berating people with an unending verbal bombardment. The great sales trainer Tom Hopkins still today teaches these decades-old techniques of his mentor J. Douglas Edwards. His most important lesson is “Whenever you ask a closing question, shut up. The first person, who speaks, loses.”

Have a go at using the methods mentioned above and notice how much easier it is to be persuasive.

Being persuasive is an art, if practiced wisely then you can reach mountains, whereas lack of persuasiveness can cause a lot of problems