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The BS Media Studies program offers a wide range of theory and practical courses which include Public Relations, Advertising, Online Journalism, Productions, Broadcast Journalism, News writing and many more will help the students in acquiring expertise in various fields of the media industry. Students will participate in a series of extension lectures, seminars and workshops by renowned Media Scholars & Professionals, to ensure that they keep up with the latest trends in the media market

Marks Required : 50%

Credit Hours : 132

Duration : 4 Years

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Campus Name Scholarship Percentage
DHA Campus N/A
Cantt Campus 55%
Gulberg Campus 75%
Raiwind Rd Campus 75%


Semester 1

Sr. Course Title
1. Introduction to Mass Communication
2. English I
3. Computer skills for Mass Communication
4. Political Science
5. Psychology
6. Mass Media in Pakistan

Semester 2

Sr. Course Title
1. News Writing (English/Urdu)
2. English II
3. Introduction to Media Management studies
4. Islamiyat/Pakstudies
5. Introduction to Broad Cast Media
6. Sociology

Semester 3

Sr. Course Title
1. English III
2. Functional Urdu
3. Media Culture and Society
4. Editing News/Copy Editing (English/Urdu)
5. Script Writing Workshop (Screen Drama & Theater)Drama
6. Print Media

Semester 4

Sr. Course Title
1. Fundamental of Advertising
2. Economics
3. Online Journalism
4. Production Techniques
5. Research Method- l
6. Communication and Presentation Skills

Semester 5

Sr. Course Title
1. Optional Subject(Other Disciplines) –I
2. Elective-I
3. Production Techniques
4. Research Methods – ll
5. Reporting & Editing Workshop(English/Urdu
6. Media Ethics and Law

Semester 6

Sr. Course Title
1. Documentary Production
2. Optional Subject (Other Disciplines)–II
3. Elective -II
4. Contemporary World Media
5. Principles Advertising and Public Relations
6. Communication Theories

Semester 7

Sr. Course Title
1. Media Seminar
2. Elective-III
3. Elective-IV
4. Internship

Semester 8

Sr. Course Title
1. Photographic Journalism
2. Elective V
3. Elective VI
4. Final Project

Specialization in Electronic Media

Sr. Course Title
1. Film and Drama Studies
2. Photojournalism
3. Video Editing
4. Copywriting for Advertising
5. Radio Program Production
6. TV Program Production
7. Investigative Reporting