USA Software Competition

Theme/Topic: Any of your choice

Win Rs. 5 Million as investment

Last date of entry : 5 October,2019

Event Date : 15 November,2019


Team participation (1-3 people)

SOFTCOM 2019 is a software competition to be held at the University of South Asia’s state of the art CIE Campus. At SOFTCOM you are required to present a software project whose application topic is not limited to a theme. You can present a software on any topic, theme or idea. A software project can be new or already existing for some time.

During the realization of the project, you can use any existing tool that suits your goals. For example: C #, C + +, Java, etc. We strongly encourage the use of mobile and other devices necessary for the operation of the project.

It is important to note that you must have the right to use tools. For example, if you use a paid game engine, then you are bound to have its license. The same rule applies to any used resources (images, music, etc.).

It is a competition of innovative projects for the development of Internet of Things. Concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is close integration of the real and virtual worlds, which creates communication between people and devices through the Internet.

Round 1 – 15th November 2019 – 10 Minute Presentation

The teams invited to the 1st round will present their project in front of an audience in a 10-minute presentation. A brief description of the problem and its solutions will be needed at this stage along with a brief description of the technologies that were used for its realization. Live demonstration of the project will be a mandatory part of the presentation. The teams that succeed at this round will win a pass to the second round.

Round 2 – 30 Minute Presentation

Teams that go through to the second round will be asked to present a more detailed executive presentation of their software ideas at the USA CIE campus. Teams will be guided by questions about their software model, solution value, development methods, technologies used and their visions for the future. Each team will be given 30 minutes to present their software in detail. All executive presentations will be evaluated by our industry leaders and specialists.

Finals – 1 Hour Presentation

The best teams/individuals will then enter the final round of the Softcom. The event will also take place at the CIE campus. SOFTCOM Final event be graced by software gurus, startup investors and industry specialists. Each team will have 1 hour to present a one-to-one detailed software idea and its working model Live on the mega screen at the CIE Campus. Winning team/individual will be able to use up to Rs. 5 Million as an investment fund to kick start his software dream.


To participate you need to fill the form below with your details and a software idea. You will be needed to provide a brief description of the project (name, goals, short description, essence of the project, the used technologies) on the form too. The deadline for entry of the project idea/plan for the first round is 5th of October 2019. The team will be invited to the first round of events if the jury finds the presented project interesting and satisfying in all technical requirements. The results of the first round will be announced before 24th October 2019.


  • You can apply as an individual or as a team.
  • Your idea must be original. Ideas deemed to be copied/plagiarized will be disqualified.
  • You must have a detailed model of your software idea.
  • You will present the idea in front of an audience.
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For any queries and concerns please call Ph: 0304 1111432