semester regulation

Semester Regulation

Semester Regulations

Following are the Rules and Regulations govern the semester system of teaching and Examination for the undergraduate programs at University of South Asia.

Medium of Instructions/Examination/Thesis

Credit Hour

Academic Year

Standardized Scheme of Study

The University follows a standardized scheme of studies for its various degree, associate degree, diploma, and/or certificate programs, from undergraduate to postgraduate level, consistent with National Qualifications Framework of Pakistan, 2015.

Requirement for the Award of Degree

Programs Minimum CGPA Requirement
Level-5 Two years Bachelor/Associate/B.Tech/BA/Bsc Degree Programs (equivalent to 14 years of education) 2.00
Level-6 Four years Bachelor (Hons)Programs (equivalent to 16 years of education) 2.00
Level – 6 Five years Professional /MA/MSc (16 years) Degree Programs (equivalent to 16 years of education 2.00
MBA (Professional) and MBA (Executive) Degree Programs 2.50
Level-7 MS/MPhil Degree Programs (equivalent to 18 years of education) 2.50
Level 8 - PhD Degree Program 3.00
  • In case a student secures less than 2.00 CGPA (minimum qualifying CGPA) at the end of final semester, he/she may be allowed to repeat in one or more courses, in which his/her grade is below C, along with the forthcoming semester, provided that he/she is not debarred under the CGPA Improvement Regulation and time duration specified for the program

Course Load for Regular Semester (Fall and Spring)

Undergraduate Students

"Every success is usually an admission ticket to a new set of decisions"

Graduate Students (MS/MPhil or Equivalent)

Course Load for Summer Semester

Courses on Pass/Fail Basis

Guided Study / Independent Study

Add/Drop of Course(s)

The student may make any change (add/drop) in the course(s) registered/enrolled for the semester within two weeks from the date of start of semester and record the changes (if any) shall be updated in student advisor file and Office of the Registrar

Repeat of Course(s) / Improvement of CGPA

Withdraw From Course(s)

Semester Freeze

Probation and Relegation


Cancellation of Enrollment

If a student fails to pay a semester fee before the final Exam of that semester or to attend any class exercise/ activity during the first four weeks after the official commencement of the semester, his/her enrollment/ admission shall stand cancelled automatically from the roll of the University without any notification, on a reported absence by the course instructor

Transfer of Credits

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