Recipes for success

His voice was influential and words filled with passion.

When I looked at the students, Respect was one thing. Glory was another !

The blaze of inspiration, an indication of delight and a hint of charm, I think I just described the man. Mr. Mir Muhammad Ali khan, A man who’s skilled at the art of success, an inspirational personality, who’s lists of accomplishments speak for themselves, is equally a great human being in person and a treat to meet.

It was an immense pleasure having Mr. Mir at University of South Asia and have him share his recipes of success that largely defined the key contributors to lasting happiness and a life of contentment.

In words of Mr. Mir you don’t definitely decide who you are when you come to this world but you definitely take control of everything as soon as you take it up from there. Where you end is not defined by where you started. It’s in between when you were busy being pulled by laziness and pushed to hardwork. It is between the thin lines of ordinary and extra ordinary.

Positivity may take you a long way, but optimism will lead you all the way. Mr. Mir as says in his speech, “I never dreamed of success because I worked for it” is a refined way of putting that the only difference between your dreams and success is action and as the wise said, “An ounce of action, is better than a ton of theory”

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you cannot do. “Capitalize on your resilience, positivity, passion and the rising hunger to make a change in Pakistan” he said.

And finally the most magnificent recipe of success

  • Heap of ideas
  • A cup of good will
  • A pinch of positivity
  • A glass of imagination
  • Spoons of resilience
  • A bowl of character
  • And a bag of Hope.

So , don’t use the ingredients of luck, don’t let it define your destiny.

Select your own ingredients. Don’t become what you happen to be, you become  what are YOU choose to be.

by Ms. Yasmeen Butt (Manager Career Counseling & Placement Center) and Dr. Shahid (Dean Biotechnology & Agrosciences)