A progressive web application is the arrangement of versatile web application development procedures that involves building applications which just looks like the native applications. PWA is user-friendly and compatible with every browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox with full responsiveness in Desktop, Mobile and Tablet View. As the Security is concerned HTTPS is used to stop from the cyber-attacks and snooping. PWA used the latest web technologies to give a feel of Applications. Progressive Web Applications is the mixture of the Web and native applications. Its execution speed is fast as compare to other native applications.

Working of Progressive Web Applications:-

The technology which is used in progressive web applications is Service Worker. The purpose of using this technology is that it enables the offline functionality such as push notifications, updating, caching the content. Service worker just act as a JavaScript where code is written to call events on run time such as Push Notifications. App Shell technology is also integrated in it. The working of App Shell technology is used to load the application first and later it loads the content. The content and the design runs separately to enhance the speed and usability of the applications.

Benefits of using Progressive Web Applications:-


The main objective of all application developers is to give the full responsive application on all the compatible devices. These progressive web apps are very responsive on all the devices such as desktops, laptops, tablet and Mobile.


As it the name tells itself that the web applications are progressive which means that these apps are developed with progressive enhancement and they can run efficiently on any browser.

Offline works:-

There are a few circumstances when an application is required desperately, yet the user does not have a facility of internet connection. So, this progressive application helps the user to use the app offline. The service worker work as Proxy Network and when the page is requested the service worker access the content from the cache memory.


Most of the App Development companies are coming towards this technology. Progressive Web Applications are now a days on its peak. PWA has advantage on web technologies such as App-shell technology, Service Workers and the Cache API provides the good web experience just like the native applications. Twitter, Alibaba, Olx and Flipkart are using progressive web application technology.