USA’s revamped programs enable you to choose courses that place you on the road to success.

Do you want to experience one of the most exciting business and computer science programmes in Pakistan and profit from excellent career opportunities in today’s digitalised world? At USA, we focus on providing education that makes sense to the students, so they enjoy their studies. Each course is designed to deliver practical skills that they can apply in professional life. The first year is dedicated to acquiring knowledge while the last three years are spent in gaining knowledge and experience. At the time of graduation, students leave the university with Bachelors Honors degree, three years of work experience and a rewarding Job.

Students of Computer Science are taught a number of business courses and students of Business are offered Computer Science courses. These courses complement each other and students acquire skills that enable them to sell their services globally using the Internet, ensuring that students of Computer & Management Sciences are never unemployed.

Jul 28, 2016