Identify your Procrastination Monster !

You have a task to complete. You are on a deadline. It’s important, super urgent. You want to do it. You thought you liked doing it. You were super excited. You still ‘want’ to do it. But you CAN’T do it. What’s wrong? It’s the procrastination MONSTER that’s what’s wrong. It’s not you who cannot put himself to doing it. Its your very own monster that stops you from doing it.

Now when you look around for comparison if your other friend who had difficulty giving a presentation yesterday is perfectly making the assignment today. What’s the matter? How can he suddenly be a genius?

The exciting part is, we all have different energy vampires ! that exhausts our energy level and make us procrastinate! Here is a list of vampires that trigger procrastination:

·       Fear of Failure

·       I wouldn’t come up to the expectation

·       The task is too big for me

·       This task doesn’t even need my full concentration

·       It just doesn’t matches my personality. I am a girl how can I solve such hard analytical problems or I am a boy what do I know about interior decoration

·       There is just not enough time

·       I am so physically tired if I took a nap I will probably feel better

·       Because visual learning is not my finest area.

·       I am just not in that state of mind.

So once you identify your procrastination monster you better get into an instant clean up system.

Here are a few brief tips that can help you do the job!

  1. Break it into baby steps – Divide your assignments into basic steps such as Opening, body, closing.
  2. If it’s an assignment. Write headings first and start filling them one by one.
  3. Divide time slots. No need for cramming. Keep it more like on a pattern of morning, noon and night. Balance out by taking a break each time you finish a task

Design a daily ritual

Whenever you are given a project or an assignment on a deadline of few days. Divide it into slots and make a daily ritual by setting a time slot for it. For example you allocate 5pm-7pm for just that task. So whenever it 5pm to 7pm you are automatically start doing that task because it’s your daily ritual.

Don’t push yourself so hard.

Perfection is a deception. If you are delaying your work because eventually you want to produce a perfect result than you are probably wasting a great deal of your working memory on pushing it to a fashionable level of hard work that your brain is not designed to do. Meeting deadline is more important than meeting perfect council criteria.

Last but not the Least! most importantly…

Create a list of masteries for yourself because one mastery inspire another !

Try to apply these tactics to all your daily life chores. If you are doing well in one area that will automatically inspire success and mastery in the other area. They just work automatic like chocolate. You eat it for taste but it ends up making your day !

Author: Yasmin Butt, Manager Career Counseling & Assessment Center