“No one is going to hand me success I must go out & get it myself; to achieve, inspire, nourish and facilitate, both the world and myself.”

Mr. Salim Ghauri, CEO  & Founder of Netsol Technologies, emerged as an IT entrepreneur in 1995 and has been among the most influential Pakistani(s) who have left an inspirational mark on the entire society.

He was one of the first to  introduce Pakistan IT to the international market and received loads of success. According to him, Success is not defined by being rich and famous but it is all about happiness which comes from when you work hard and achieve your desired set goals. If you focus on your aims and achieve them then money is the ultimate reward that you make on top of your dreams. In this way money will follow you when you stop following money.

He explained that in order to succeed in your life you must:

  • take the responsibility of your actions,
  • avoid finding excuses for your failure,
  • accept that life is not always fair &
  • focus on what you can do.

He explained the traits of an Entrepreneur which are comprised of:

  • a passionate behavior,
  • a dreamer,
  • willingness to start with nothing,
  • zero dependence upon environment,
  • the ability to take risk and
  • finally the ability to create opportunities where there are none as we know necessity is the mother of invention.

Life is all about making decisions in the blink of an eye and to take risks when you are able to handle it. But people who have abilities to innovate and have creative ideas must try their luck as entrepreneurs. Rewards are high when you are willing to take risks.

In his concluding words he gave a message to youngsters that we learn about our potential gradually. Our ability to deal with people and success in getting the best out of people is the key to being a successful leader. Gradually you gain confidence in yourself to deal with bigger problems and handle more people. A good leader finds the best resources around himself and nourishes them into a potential leader.  And with the due  delegation there is more time to do more than one job. Believe in your people and it’s the only key to ownership. And when you start owning things in your life, it’s when you seriously do something about it.

Blogger: Ms. Tayyaba Anwar, Coordinator Career Counseling & Placement Center