The meaning of control as defined in a dictionary is the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events. While dealing with a child the control that a parent needs to exercise is proper guidance, quality time and non-accessibility to undesired use of internet and TV programs. Especially parents who are not home all the time to supervise their children due to their work engagements. The above mentioned three things can come quite handy to exercise control by the parents over their children and they may not be in the same order.

Non accessibility to networking and TV

To keep a check on the sites they visit and social networking of the children. For this purpose specialized software engineers have developed relevant soft wares which if enabled block all the undesired websites and channels.

This will help children in having excess time to study while you are not present and their behavioral issues will be less rather than if there’s no check over their activities.

Quality time and Guidance


These two go together and must be done at the same time. Spending quality time rather than more time with your young ones can help in building a better understanding and a strong bond with them which can be enhanced through sharing your experiences with each other with proper guidance by the parent which can bring the child closer to the parent and would also keep the child away from rebelling or questioning your decision to use various parental control devices on his networking.

By Nayab Naveed