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Chairman Mahmood Sadiq

Chairman Board of Governors

Mahmood Sadiq


Universities play a leading role in the growth and development of a society. The graduates of universities act as agents of progress and advancement. If properly trained in their areas of specialization, along with understanding the art of learning, students can become catalysts of positive change.

Studying a few subjects, memorizing some theories and doing limited research is not what we at University of South Asia call “Education”. Here, education has a deeper meaning for us and our students. Here, we believe in a complete transformation of the personality coupled with the right knowledge, skills and vision, charting the path to excellence for our students. At the University of South Asia, we are committed to academic excellence in our classrooms; relevant curricula in our programs; and caring, personal attention to our students.

Currently located in Eastern and Western parts of Lahore, we are opening our doors to every student living in Pakistan. We believe the formula for an outstanding university is great students, great faculty and great facilities. You will find them all here at the University of South Asia. Our curriculum is designed to help the students acquire practical knowledge that can be applied in real life situations. Our faculty body is amongst the most qualified from a diverse range of backgrounds. Through our ongoing strategy of recruiting and retaining faculty members of the highest caliber and attracting to the University an increasing number of talented students, we have moved considerably closer to achieving our goal of academic excellence. We offer a challenging intellectual environment with 21 undergraduate degree programs in more than 150 fields of study.

The University of South Asia has completed its 16 years of operating as a chartered Institution and thirty-one years of providing high quality education in the private sector.

From Engineering to Computer Sciences, Health Sciences, Business Management to Language and Literature, USA offers an academic program for every student.

In the end, I hope the challenges we have taken at USA to move to the next level of distinction, and accelerate the pace of our advancement, will enable us to convert Man Power to Mind Power across our nation.


“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.” Herbert Spencer, Philosopher

As a University, we see our role in imparting a higher state of knowledge and equipping our students with the mindset and tools of discovery that they need to build meaningful careers and take decisions with confidence. Our prime focus has always been to increase the employability of our students and to raise the University’s prominence in the world.

Within our campuses we are dedicated to free and open debate, unimpeded inquiry and discovery, and to act as a community whose academic vitality and capacity to serve others flow from, and are promoted by, our core values- excellence, innovation and creativity, openness and responsibility. Our plans for the future include expanding our University Community, bringing people from the widest array of backgrounds and perspectives together to celebrate and learn from our differences, as excellence cannot be achieved without diversity. We will further incorporate technology in our courses to ensure the highest quality instruction to improve the learning experience of our students. We approach work with the ethos of creating value for students in all activities undertaken in campus, be that curricular or extra-curricular.

Our desire is to foster entrepreneurial spirit in our students by guiding them to tackle big issues, seize opportunities, and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. We realize simple coverage of the curriculum alone is not enough, but rather students’ need a strong educational foundation and the necessary skillset to ensure that they stand out in today’s world. We offer continuous professional development to our faculty to ensure that students get most-up-to-date knowledge and information in classes, with an emphasis on project based learning to develop student profiles. That is the direction we are working on.



Hina Sadiq

Vice Chancellor Imran Masood

Vice Chancellor

Imran Masood


The University of South Asia (USA), operating as chartered institution has been imparting quality education for the last sixteen years in the private sector. Along with providing higher education in market-competitive disciplines at par with any international University, the USA also endeavors to inculcate rich values and principles in its students.

University offers a range of varied programs linked with Higher Education Commission’s guidelines and policies and are adaptively responsive to the latest developments in industry standards, technologies and pedagogy to inspire young generation to learn, conduct research and ultimately be able to contribute to socio-economic development. Professionally qualified teaching staff, commitment to quality, academic standards and state-of-the-art infrastructure, serve to ensure that USA graduates will contribute to the future of Pakistan as inspired and motivated citizens.

The University of South Asia has the privilege to provide quality higher education in the field of Health Sciences, Engineering, Management Sciences, Art and Fashion Design, Law, Computer Sciences, Architecture, Social Sciences and Humanities on affordable fee structure. The course curriculum is devised based on the ever changing needs of industry so that students are absorbed in industry smoothly and shine as proud alumni of USA. To promote the talent and provide education to students, we offer abundant merit, need-based and other types of scholarships at the University of South Asia.

I know that for students to compete internationally and become a part of world top companies they need to be creative and innovative. We cultivate in our students right attitude with blend of extra-ordinary soft skills and hence make their personality impressive so that they become brand ambassadors of not only the University of South Asia but also the companies with which they get associated. Its immense pleasure for me to share that our alumni are serving on various key posts across the world.

I would also invite the attention of parents and assure that University of South Asia, is the best choice for the future of their children.


Welcome to the University of South Asia (USA), a University that is all about transforming innovative ideas into tangible solutions in the region. It is a great time to be in USA as the University is all set to embark on a new chapter in its 17 years privileged journey of progress and excellence in academic innovation – delivering excellence in research and learning. We aim to make our students adaptable to change so that they may thrive in a rapidly evolving job market critical thinkers to be able identify problems in our society and creative to come up with pragmatic solutions.

I feel immense pleasure in providing institutional leadership to a University whose name is synonymous with quality education and whose graduates are the torch bearers of the highest degree of academic, professional and moral ethos which is the hallmark of their alma mater. Being an educationist having 35 years of experience in public sector education industry, it is a matter of great pride and privilege to be part of this esteemed organization and it is my commitment to raise the productivity of our graduates through quality education and practical knowledge to contribute in a significant way to the national economy.

I am adamant that the University offers a range of degree programs that are adaptively responsive to the latest developments in industry standards, technologies and pedagogy to inspire young generation to learn, conduct research and ultimately be able to contribute to socio-economic development of the country. Professionally qualified teaching faculty, commitment to quality teaching, academic standards and state-of-the-art infrastructure including Labs, Library and classrooms fully equipped with the latest audio-visual tools serve to ensure that USA graduates will contribute to the future of Pakistan as inspired and motivated citizens.

The experience at a university for a student is not only driven by the excellence in academics and research but the entire experience of being involved in the projects that the university takes on, as well as the experiences that a student gains from outside the classroom. We at USA have extensive co-curricular activities ranging from sports to cultural events, media and society events etc. that keep our students engaged and entertained across the year.

I urge you to be part of this revolution led by University of South Asia and become the stars of tomorrow. May your journey with USA be memorable!

Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Akram Ch

Pro-Vice Chancellor

Dr. Muhammad Akram Ch.

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