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Message from the Registrar

The profession of Registrar is one of the oldest within the higher education administration. The Registrar Office at the University of South Asia (USA) is responsible for providing a wide range of services to faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, employers, legislators, and various accreditation and regulatory bodies. The Registrar Office is mandated to ensure the academic governance of the University through timely conduct of meetings of statutory bodies, namely, Board of Governors, Academic Council, Boards of Faculties, Board of Advanced Studies and Research, Selection Board and Finance and Planning Committee.

The Registrar is unwaveringly committed to the vision, mission, objectives and values of USA. The Registrar Office provides responsive, considerate and knowledgeable services and information, interprets, implements and ensures adherence to academic policies, rules and regulations, creates and keeps academic record, and analyzes the feedback from all relevant stakeholders for the advancement and quality assurance of University’s academic programs and work processes.

The Registrar is highly conscious of inter dependencies inherent in his role across a range of functions and services that are critical to the successful operations of the University. Working together as a proactive team, facilitating and developing management staff, faculty and students by provision of equal opportunities are some of the most important responsibilities of the Office of the Registrar. We are also committed to keep our doors open to listen to each and every individual of the USA community as a direct source of information and feedback for improving all aspects of University operations. The Registrar Office assures its best services and cooperation at all times.

“Our synergistic efforts will ensure a rewarding University experience for our students from admission to graduation”
Muhammad Ameer

Functions of Registrar Office 2018-07-21T06:48:07+00:00
  • To lead the initiatives as determined by the Vice-Chancellor
  • To provide secretariat support to the University authorities
  • To ensure the implementation of the academic rules and regulations of the University
  • To advise the higher management regarding strategic planning and establishment of the best practices relating to all academic and administrative activities
  • The Registrar Office is mandated to ensure the academic governance of the University through timely conduct of meetings of statutory bodies, namely, Board of Governors, Academic Council, Boards of Faculties, Board of Advanced Studies and Research, Selection Board and Finance and Planning Committee
  • To ensure the smooth conduct of university authorities’ meetings, appropriate implementation of the decisions taken and maintain record of all proceedings
  • To liaise and correspond with the regulatory and accreditation bodies
  • To deal and/or coordinate in all the legal matters of the University
  • To collaborate with the Heads of all the academic and non-academic departments of the University to facilitate and improve the services to the students, teachers and other academic staff
  • To plan and lead the ceremonial functions like convocations, etc
  • To participate in professional development activities, which support the strategic goals and objectives of the University
Accreditation & Affiliation 2018-07-21T06:49:21+00:00

Accredited Batches by Pakistan Engineering Council

Session 2006
Session 2007
Session 2008
Session 2009
Session 2010

Batches Applied for Accreditation Visitation by Pakistan Engineering Council

Session 2011
Session 2012
Session 2013

Hierarchy of Registrar Office 2019-05-31T07:12:04+00:00

Hierarchy of Registrar Office

Meet Our Team 2019-05-31T06:29:38+00:00
Mr. Ameer

Tel: 0092 42 36673701
Fax: 0092 42 36650983
[email protected]

Waqas Mazhar
Assistant Registrar (Academics)
Tel: 03215361528
[email protected]
Noor-Ul-Ain Khan
Executive Record & Operations
[email protected]
Assistant Registrar (Registration)
Tel: 0334-7992593
[email protected]
[email protected]
Syeda Zeest Fatima
Student Relationship Officer
[email protected]
Ambreen Gul
Student Relationship Officer
[email protected]
Amber Sarfaraz
HR Officer
[email protected]
[email protected]

Office of Research Innovation & Commericalization

The last decade in Pakistan has seen tremendous growth in the research output of Pakistani universities under the Leadership of Higher Education Commission that has granted numerous scholarships and research grants to promote this cause. In order to ensure that quality research takes place at USA – this office of research, innovation and commercialization has been established. This office will work to raise the standards of research, ensure it is of quality and meets society’s needs, and help faculty members to productively utilize their research in the industry.

Office Of Student Affairs 2018-07-21T07:25:28+00:00

Office of Student Affairs (OSA) of University of South Asia is envisaged to offer one-step, efficient, and excellent services to its students and develop them academically and physically in an inclusive environment. OSA is operating under principles of a sense of service, courtesy, fairness, integrity, empathy, efficiency, teamwork and learning.
The purpose of this department is to facilitate students by all possible means, give them one-step service. In first phase OSA deals with all the non-Academic departments of the University for e.g. Registrar Office, Controller of Examination, Account and Finance Department, Transport Office, Library etc. This is to ensure a smooth transition of culture at the University, and to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. It is established to support the student body and maximize student completion rates. This department will be able to evaluate and resolve student inquiries, issues and problems. Also it ensures that appropriate action is taken to the satisfaction of student in compliance with policy, procedures and legal requirements of the University.
In future OSA will Plan, implement and direct programs and services that assist students to re-enter, continue and complete their academic programs. Develop, monitor and facilitate the activity of the student retention program. In future OSA will deal with the Academic Departments and expand its services to more sections related to Student Services. Student Services Center helps the students through the:
1.      Collaboration and partnership across the University departments and external community
2.      Continuous development personnel and teams
3.      Continuous improvement in services and system and also ensuring quality

Office of Student Affairs, also provides an excellent opportunity to University check the efficiency of various non- Academic and Academic department in service provision.

Goals: The Student Services Center aspires to achieve following goals in collaboration with other departments of the University:
1.      Provide excellent student-centered admin services
2.      Enable students to develop life skills and personality
3.      Assist students with academic and personal issues that may interfere with their academic programs.
4.      Develop a referral/mentoring group for students seeking help or needing assistance
5.      Establish a plan of action to address student problems or issues

Admission Office 2018-07-21T07:26:16+00:00

The University of South Asia (USA) always believes in attaining higher standards of education. As per HEC requirement, after a complete admission process, a student is enrolled in the university. The University of South Asia admits students whose educational background is sound and who can achieve success in higher education.

Applications received for admission in various programs are reviewed by the concerned departments. The applicants are required to give admission test and interview. The final merit is determined on the basis of past academic performance, score obtained in the admission test and performance in the interview.

Application for admission shall be entertained only on a prescribed form, which is part of the prospectus. Applications received through “e mail’ shall be entertained only if they are followed by a pay order in the name of The University of South Asia and should reach USA up to last date announced for the admission. Admission shall be granted on the basis of eligibility criteria mentioned for each program and after passing the admission test & interview arranged by the admission committee of the department.

Applicants, who have appeared in inter / degree level or pre-requisite level examination prescribed for admission in a program and are awaiting results will be allowed to apply for admission, but they will be given admission only after they have submitted the attested copies of their certificates / degrees within three weeks of commencement of the semester. They will also be required to submit an undertaking that they understand the rules/ policy of the admissions and that if they fail to submit the required documents within the prescribed time, they will not be given admission.

For eligibility criteria reference may be made to each relevant program / degree.

Each successful applicant will be issued “Admission Letter” by the concerned department.

Career Services & Placement 2018-07-21T07:28:17+00:00

Create your Future

The University of South Asia Career Services and Placement Office works closely with our students in the career planning and management process.

Not only do we bring industry experts and business professionals to campus, but we also travel to where the jobs are, including participation in job fairs and industry events.

We are eager to meet you where you are in your career and provide one-on-one coaching throughout your time at USA and beyond – USA alumni receive lifetime professional development assistance.Our services include:

1. Personalized Career Appointments
2. Personal Brand Management
3. Access to Nationally Recognized Career Assessments
4. Job Search Strategies
5. Resume and Cover Letter Review
6. Company On-Site Visits
7. On-Campus Industry Panels
8. Conference Sponsorships for high achievers
9. Alumni Meet and Greet Events

For more information:

Contact us

Office of Career Services and Placement
University of South Asia
47- Tufail Road Lahore Cantt.
Tel.: +92-334-79992593
WhatsApp: +92-315-4159307
Email: [email protected]

USA Employer Relations

Welcome to USA Employer Relations, where our team is committed to providing a one-stop solution for all your campus needs, from hiring talent to making connections with faculty.

We can facilitate you:
– Connect with USA departments, and student organizations- clubs and soceities
– Recruit from pool of talented undergraduate and graduate students
– Tap into highly capable network of USA alumni in CS, Mgmt, Law, Architecture, Fashion Design, Engineering, Humanities.
– Advance your brand on campus by sponsoring different events.
– Build relationships with faculty/researchers working across a broad range of disciplines, from science and engineering to the arts and humanities.
For more details, contact us by leaving an email at:[email protected]



We are pleased that you are visiting our section of HR at USA. You may be a current employee with a question pertaining to a specific service, or policy, or you may perhaps be looking for information on career opportunities with the University of South Asia. Or, maybe you’re a potential member of our faculty or staff and you are interested in learning more about us.
Whatever your interests may be, this is a great place to start your journey!


Provide strategic support to recruit, develop and train competent and qualified Faculty, Staff and Administrators as per the vision of the University to equip and train students with the state of the art knowledge and skills for immediate career opportunities and valuable contribution in the society.


Strive and adopt the best HR practices for man-power planning, recruitment and development. Provide Equal Employment and Development opportunities to all without prejudice to religion, color, sex and race.

HR OBJECTIVES 2018-07-21T05:58:08+00:00
  • Focus on people to promote a campus culture that values all employees and rewards achievers.
  • Facilitate open communication.
  • Offer competitive, market-based compensation to university employees.
  • Promote a learning environment for campus staff by providing professional and personal development, training, and continuing education via Center of Continuing Professional Development.
  • Recognize and reward performance and accomplishments utilizing the Performance Appraisal Process.
  • Maximize resources by utilizing technology to its fullest extent to improve efficiency, effectiveness, HR transaction processing, and overall service.
CORE VALUES 2018-07-21T05:58:50+00:00
  1. AccountabilityUSA is committed to being responsible and transparent, taking the right path over the self-serving one.
  2. Live each day with IntegrityUSA expects interactions to be professional, courteous, ethical and respectful.
  3. CollaborationUSA promotes teamwork that encourages meaningful and positive solutions with a global approach. We will strengthen our connections to the economy, learning and well-being of Pakistani’s.
  4. Pursue ExcellenceUSA is guided by a constant pursuit of excellence in teaching students and serving the community.
  5. Teach, Learn and Serve with PassionWe embrace educating our students with passion and commitment to deliver quality and expertise. No matter what background our student comes from, our education will transform the student.
  6. LeadershipUSA continuously strives to be a leader and to develop leaders- to take Pakistan ahead.
  7. Sense of CommunityUSA seeks to build a community of scholars and learners, interacting to create, disseminate and empower society with knowledge.
APPLYING FOR JOB 2018-07-23T12:01:15+00:00

Interested applicants holding relevant qualifications and experience shall apply with full confidence by emailing their resume, cover letter, scanned photograph and copy of academic transcripts (for fresh graduates) at:

[email protected]

Please Note to specify in the Subject Area of the email the position you are applying for. Full confidentiality is maintained of all resumes received.

Academic Job
Administration Jobs
PROCESS OF RECRUITMENT AT USA 2018-07-21T06:00:24+00:00
  1. Telephonic interview of shortlisted applicants
  2. Panel interview with Selection Committee including a teaching demonstration
  3. Verification of records and recommendation letters
  4. Decision of Selection Committee announced

Please note that it can take 2 to 8 weeks to process applications. Furthermore only shortlisted applicants are contacted.


Subjects Faculty is Required in:

Computer Sciences
Information Technology
Management Sciences
Digital Marketing
English Language & Literature
Media Studies
Fashion Design
Accounting and Commerce
Multimedia Design


Qualification: PhD in the relevant field from HEC Recognized HEI
Experience: 10 Years Post-PhD teaching/ research experience in the relevant field from HEC Recognized HEI
Research Experience: 15 publications (with at least 5 publications in the past 5 years) in HEC recognized journals
Work load: Will be required to teach 9 Credit Hours based on Courses with content developed through the research
Expected Research Output: Will be required to publish 2 papers a year
Faculty Development Program: Will be required to supervise 5 PhD scholars
Must be on list of HEC Approved PhD Supervisor
Salary: Minimum Rs. 175,000 – Maximum Rs. 350,000
Benefit: Health and Life Insurance
Additional Requirements as per HEC Guidelines
Age Limit= 35-60 year

Assistant Professors

Qualification: PhD in the relevant field from HEC Recognized HEI
Experience: None
Work load: Will be required to teach 12 Credit Hours
Expected Research Output: 3 papers a year
Faculty Development Program: Will be required to supervise 5 PhD scholars
Must be on list of HEC Approved PhD Supervisor
Salary: Minimum Rs. 120,000 – Maximum Rs. 220,000
Additional Requirements as per HEC Guidelines
Age Limit= 28-40 years


Qualification: Must hold masters degree in relevant subject with minimum 3.0 CGPA and no 3rd division in the academic career
Experience: Fresh
Work load: 15 Credit Hours per semester
Expected Research Output: 3 papers a year
Faculty Development Program: Will be required to supervise 5 PhD scholars Must be on list of HEC Approved PhD Supervisor
Salary: Minimum Rs. 45,000 – Maximum Rs. 80,000
Additional Requirements as per HEC Guidelines
Age Limit= 23-35 years
Compulsory enrolment in PhD program- PhD duration 3-6 years
On completion of PhD, applicant will become Assistant Professor
Those enrolled via Faculty Development Program will receive free education

Teaching and Research Assistants 

Qualification: Fresh Bachelors in relevant subject with minimum 3.0 CGPA
Compulsory enrolment in Masters program- Masters duration 2 years
On completion of Masters degree, applicant will become Lecturer
Salary: Rs. 35,000
Those enrolled via Faculty Development Program will receive free education
Additional Requirements as per HEC Guidelines

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM 2018-07-21T06:02:11+00:00

This program is designed to develop quality faculty for teaching and research at the University. The program details are:

  1. Fresh Bachelor students are inducted as Teaching Assistants. They are enrolled in the University’s Masters’ Program. While they learn to teach, they enhance their academic qualification and research skills.
  2. Masters graduates are inducted as Lecturers. They are enrolled in the University’s PhD Program.
  3. The opportunity of improving academic qualification while working is sponsored by the University and is not charged to the student.
FACULTY TRAINING 2018-07-21T06:02:48+00:00

All faculty members are required to complete 8 week training on teaching. The areas covered in the training are:

  1. Overview of the University and its objectives
  2. Developing course packs
  3. Lecture delivery
  4. Communication and Presentation Skills
  5. Learning Skills
  6. Use of support systems during lecture delivery
  7. Effective classroom management
  8. Maintaining office-hours and using this time effectively
  9. Best assessment practices
  10. Examination policies of the University
  11. Managing interest of students
  12. Lecture breakdown to ensure complete course coverage
  13. Code of conduct and professional integrity
  14. Dress code
  15. Teacher as a mentor
  16. Student psychology and how to encourage creativity and questioning
  17. Time Management
  18. Conflict Resolution
  19. Leadership development
  20. Managing student projects
CONTACT US 2018-07-21T06:03:31+00:00

Office opening hours are from 9.00 am until 5 pm, Monday to Friday. You can also email us at [email protected]


Human Resource Directorate
University of South Asia
47-Tufail Road,
Lahore Cantt, Lahore – Pakistan
Tel: +92-42-36672942-5 | Fax: +92-42-36650983| Email: [email protected]

FAQ’S 2018-07-21T06:05:26+00:00
How can I join USA Team? 2018-07-21T06:06:15+00:00

USA offers the following two distinct career tracks:

  1. Non – Faculty / Professional positions: The managerial and administrative positions.
  2. Academic positions: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Teaching/ Research Assistant
How long does it take to process my resume? 2018-07-21T06:10:47+00:00

The recruitment process will vary depending on the position. Generally, if you do not hear from us within 2-8 weeks, the chances are that your application is not considered.We apologize that only short-listed candidates are contacted for further tests/interviews due to large volume of applications received.

How do I know if the position is still open? 2018-07-21T06:11:25+00:00

If the position you applied for is listed on the USA HR website, it means that it is still open.

What happens after I submit my application and resume to the HR department? 2018-07-21T06:12:23+00:00

Once your application is in the system, it will be reviewed by the Human Resource Department. If you meet the minimum job requirements for the position, you will hear from the HR Department directly if they are interested in setting up an interview. Due to the high volume of resumes we receive, it is not possible to respond directly to all applicants. Only short-listed candidates are contacted for further tests/interviews.

Is there a closing date or application deadline? 2018-07-21T06:13:04+00:00

Usually, a deadline for receiving applications and resumes is mentioned in the jobs posted at our HR website. If the job posting is marked as open, it means that we are continuing to receive resumes for the marked position until position is filled.

How long does my application stay on file? 2018-07-21T06:13:51+00:00

Your application materials will stay on file indefinitely. You may be contacted at a future date if vacancy exists.

What is the minimum experience and qualifications required for academic positions? 2018-07-21T06:14:31+00:00

We follow minimum experience, qualification and number of publications for Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer and TA/ RA as per HEC guidelines for Universities. You can review them on HEC website.

How do you select visiting faculty? 2018-07-21T06:15:02+00:00

Visiting faculty is selected based on work experience, and is preferred normally only for courses where industry exposure enhances learning of students.

What is the process of increments? 2018-07-21T06:15:37+00:00

A comprehensive performance appraisal system exists in the University for the purpose of awarding increments. It involves feedback from students, peers, and supervisor. It is conducted once every year, in December. New employees are considered for it after 1 year of service.

What is the teaching load of faculty? 2018-07-21T06:16:10+00:00

The general teaching load of faculty is as below:
Professor: 9 credit hours
Associate Professor: 9-12 credit hours
Assistant Professor: 12 credit hours
Lecturer: 12-15 credit hours
All faculty members are expected to maintain their course files regularly and to ensure that latest research in their field is incorporated in classroom teaching. Faculty members must also supervise final year projects of bachelor students and thesis of master students. The head of department assigns these duties to faculty members as appropriate.

What are the working hours of the University? 2018-07-21T06:16:38+00:00

Each individual is expected to give 40 hours of service a week to the University to be considered as Full-Time Employee of the University.

What is the policy on attendance for University employees? 2018-07-21T06:17:10+00:00

The University has a biometric process of attendance. Attendance Is considered very important as it affects quality of teaching and support services to students. Full-time faculty members are expected to ensure highest levels of attendance, or else disciplinary action is taken.

What is the leave policy of the University? 2018-07-21T06:17:40+00:00

Leave is earned by duty. It cannot be claimed as a matter of right even when due, and if the exigencies of duty so require, the leave can be refused, and/ if leave already been granted or being availed, the remaining portion of it can be revoked and employee can be recalled to join forthwith.
The university offers casual leave and medical leave. All casual leaves must be pre-approved by head of department and submitted to HR department. It is the duty of the individual to ensure classes missed are conducted at another scheduled time and that students are properly informed of the arrangements.

What is included in the course pack? 2018-07-21T06:18:18+00:00

All faculty members are expected to maintain up-to-date course files. This is mandatory. A course file must include all relevant data which could become the basis of evaluation:
• Course outline • Lecture breakdown for entire semester lesson wise • Clear learning outcomes for the course • List of subjects taught, teaching notes, and sample of practical printouts • Schedule of evaluation: quizzes, graded assignments, mid-term, final examination, and project • Breakdown of laboratory experiments pertaining to the course and record of successful conduct (if applicable) • Sample of best, worst and average answer sheets along with the question paper of each exam, quiz and homework • Sample of quizzes • Listing of textbooks and other reference books pertaining to the course • Records of make-up classes for any unscheduled holiday • Details of office hours for tutoring etc. • Recommendations and suggestions related to the course for the next session

What are the functional positions available in a department? 2018-07-21T06:18:49+00:00

* Director – Minimum 10 years of experience
* Senior Manager – Minimum 7 years of experience
* Manager – Minimum 5 years of experience
* Assistant Manager – Minimum 2 years of experience
* Executive/ Officer – Fresh Bachelor Graduates
* Office Assistant

What is the grievance procedure followed at the University? 2018-07-21T06:19:23+00:00

The individual must first report their grievance to their direct supervisor. They can also email HR department and contact HR personnel.

What is the protocol for email usage? 2018-07-21T06:20:02+00:00

I.T. department sets the official email accounts for all the employees at the time of induction. All employees of the university must check their official email accounts at least once a day to ensure they remain abreast of what is happening across the university and of all official correspondence.
The management uses email as a means of direct communication with all staff.

What is the dress code for employees? 2018-07-21T06:20:34+00:00

Faculty and staff must be well groomed and presentable at all times as they are mentors to students and set standards of campus environment.
Men must wear ironed trousers and collared shirts with closed toe shoes. Casual dressing for teachers is not allowed at University of South Asia.
Women must wear clothes deemed appropriate in an academic environment.

Controller of Examination

The Office of Controller of Examination at University of South Asia is responsible for conduct of examinations, and enforcing rules and regulations of examinations. The department diligently ensures that all degree or transcripts issued are genuine and the individual receiving it meets the entire legal requirements for this purpose.

The Controller of Examination at USA is concerned with the examination of the whole University as well as other campuses of it. The Controller of Examination’s Office deals with all matters related to examinations, results, verification of documents, issuing degrees/ transcripts/ interim transcripts and Detail Marks Certificate’s (DMC’s).

Controller of Examination Message 2018-07-21T07:35:59+00:00

It is a general perception that Office of Controller Examinations (OCE) just does the mundane job. It is a false notion. I believe that, OCE can play a vital role in the academia if its resources are used strategically. Any University which dreams of becoming flagship in educational arena must have an eye on the console to analyze staggering parameters indicating level of quality education being imparted, teaching pedagogy in regards to its impact on the students’ attitude – through results.
Veracity, Quality and Control are the rudimentary principles on which I firmly believe in. By the grace of Allah and indomitable commitment of OCE team in a short time we have been able to reinstate the credibility, reliability and functionality of this most critical and dynamic department. By virtue of deep involvement and dedication in the examination matters, I am pleased that OCE now plays a vital role in the University’s strategic decisions.
Now examination team has embarked on reshaping its services. We are heading towards emerging as swift service provider (SSP). And to achieve it we have to energize and exert more collectively by pledging ourselves to the highest level of commitment facilitating all stakeholders with our services and values.

Vision & Mission Statement 2018-07-21T07:36:31+00:00

To be the leading department at University of South Asia that sets the standards of quality, credibility and reliability in all of its functions.


University of South Asia’s Office of Controller of Examination will create a technologically efficient, student-oriented, flexible and transparent system that caters to the needs of its student body effectively, ensuring reliable testing and evaluation procedures with zero tolerance towards unfair and inefficient practices.

Objectives 2018-07-21T07:37:35+00:00

– To develop strong and consistent examination/evaluation system in the University.
– To enhance the quality of examination and evaluation, ensuring reliability of the processes of the examination systems.
– To ensure that the examinations system in the University follows the rules and policies passed by the Board of Governors.
– To maintain all examination record in an effective manner.

Core Functions 2018-07-21T07:38:27+00:00

– To conduct the final examinations, compile and declare the semester results
– To prepare and verify FTs and degrees of the graduates
– To Process grade change requests (GRC)
– To draw a list of Dean’s merit awards
– To dealing with Unfair Means Cases
– To prepare Convocation scroll and Medal’s lists
– To keep record of student’s results and ensure departmental secrecy
– To provide creditable customer service to students and faculty
– To provide institutional Development support to management

Secondary Functions 2018-07-21T07:39:05+00:00

– To compile report on examinations and departmental activities
– To comply with HEC/PEC policies and send a copy of result gazette to PEC
– To provide support to faculty and participants
– To prepare semester progress reports and students’ letters on request
– To suggest/recommend effective methods assessment and evaluation
– To keep up departmental handbook updated

Assessment and Evaluation 2018-07-21T07:39:58+00:00

During a semester the student may be required to take the following tests and examinations for each course(s). Each instrument carries proportionate marks which are accumulated in total marks.
USA is using Absolute Grading Scheme, Students are formally evaluated by the resource person through different pedagogical assessment tools throughout the semester.
Any given method can be used to grade the student in Relative Grading Scheme
– Normal, Bell-Shaped Curve
– Distribution Gap Method
– Standard Deviation
A wide range of assessment methods are available to resource persons to evaluate the level of knowledge and skills acquired by students in a particular subject. The following two methods are employed at UMT, generally known as sessional evaluation and final term.
A combination of the following may be employed constituting sessional evaluation: – Case Study – Presentation – Assignments – Quizzes – Class Participation – Attendence – Projects – Viva Voce (for lab courses) – Mid Term Exams – Final Term Exams

Final Term Examination

A total of 100 marks are allocated to a course or a subject. These marks are normally assigned as per following
Sessional work includes
– Case Study
– Presentation
– Assignments
– Quizzes
– Class Participation
– Attendance

End Term Exam (excluding project / internship / thesis etc.)

However, marks allocation or weightage may vary in some cases depending on the nature of the course or as deemed appropriate by the Resource Person.The Resource Person is supposed to announce the student’s sessional evaluation in the class and also display it on the notice board before the closing of classes.After classes are over, Final Term Examinations are conducted by the Office of Controller Examinations as per the date sheet.

Compiling Results

After the marking of the End-Term Papers, Respective Resource Persons shall initially compile the result by adding the marks secured by the participants in Sessional Work and End Term Examination to complete the course evaluation. The percentage of marks secured by a participant are then converted into letter grades. Complete Award List/Result is duly signed by two authorities 1-Resource Person and 2- Chairperson/Dean Signed result is submitted in Office of Controller Examinations (OCE) within three days of Exam conducted. USA has adopted Absolute Grading method to grade its students. The definition of letter grades and corresponding grade points is illustrated in the following table.

Office of Events

The Office of Events is proud to support and manage events that will promote University of South Asia as a great and leading place of professionals and graduates. Office is responsible for planning, organizing and managing large national and international conferences, seminars and symposiums. Office will invite guest speakers who will address students and have meeting with faculty/management. Resources and sponsorships will be generated for events.

Functions of OFE

-Planning, organizing and managing large national and international conferences, seminars and symposiums.
– Creating different forums and then organizing events on regular bases
– Creating co-curricular forums for students of different schools
– Inviting guests/ CEOs both national & international
– Launching local forums under its Umbrella.
– Managing USA students foreign visits through USA Globe Around
– Creating strong working relations with local and international chambers
– Regular participation in major national and international conferences and creating effective networking
– Arranging sponsorship for events

Welcome Note from Director QEC

The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at the University of South Asia provides the bedrock to ensure highest possible level of quality in current and future initiatives and activities across the University. Driven with a philosophy of ‘quality is everything’, the Team QEC will provide all possible support to different stakeholders including students, faculty, staff, management, guardians, employers, regulatory and accrediting bodies, and local and international quality management institutions with the sole aim of quality generation, maintenance, and enhancement in all University operations. Ensuring international-level teaching and research, quality of degree programs, program accreditation, student learning and employability, faculty and staff training and development, assistance in the upkeep and improvement in technical and physical facilities at the University campuses, and establishing and fostering linkages with all relevant local and international stakeholders are QEC responsibilities. The Team QEC is fully committed to not only fulfil the stated responsibilities, but is geared to lead in planning and executing initiatives to raise the quality bar in all facets of University operations. The Team will work closely with University management, faculty, staff, administration, students, and other internal and external stakeholders to take USA to ever greater heights of academic excellence. I am confident the blend of top management leadership and support and team spirit will make the University of South Asia a world-class institution of higher education and learning. The Team QEC will work with a missionary zeal to help USA realize its clearly stated vision:
— Great Education, Great Nation.

About QEC at USA 2018-07-21T07:59:29+00:00
Objectives 2018-07-21T07:54:55+00:00

1. To make USA a University of choice for prospective students across all programs offered.

2. To achieve the highest possible HEC ranking for USA.

3. To get study programs accredited on a University-wide basis from respective accrediting local and international bodies of high standing.

Responsibilities 2018-07-21T07:55:27+00:00

1. Ensuring satisfaction of students, faculty, staff, regulatory bodies, employers, and the general public.

2. Meeting all requirements of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of HEC.

3. Meeting all requirements of program accreditation bodies.

Organizational Chart 2018-07-21T07:56:35+00:00

Our Team 2018-07-21T07:57:34+00:00

Dr. Irfan Amir

Director Quality Enhancement Cell

Dean Faculty of Management Sciences
PhD (Marketing), University of Manchester
MBA (Marketing), University of the Punjab

Contact: [email protected][email protected]

Dr. Irfan Amir joined the University of South Asia (USA) as Dean, Management Sciences in January 2014. He was appointed as Director, Quality Enhancement Cell in November 2016. His work experience spans almost three decades. He has worked for over fifteen years at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) first as Assistant Professor and then as Associate Professor. He has also worked as Dean, Management Sciences for about two years each at the University of Central Punjab, Superior University and the Institute of Management Sciences. Dr. Amir teaches strategic marketing, innovations management and new product development, sales force management, services marketing, and business communication in the BBA, MBA and executive programs. He has written or supervised over twenty case studies and thesis projects in the area of marketing. Several of these case studies have been published in renowned case research journals and marketing case books. Dr. Amir has presented case studies and papers in a number of international conferences in the Far East, Europe and North America. He has consulted widely with the government, private organizations, and international organizations including the United Nations and International Labor Organization (ILO). His current research interests are in innovation management and new product development, marketing of services, business communication and creative writing. Dr. Amir has recently published an article titled ‘Transforming Lives through Empathy, Compassion, Societal Well-being, and Management Best Practices’ in The Journal of Management Research, Volume 3, Issue 2, 2016, ISSN 2218-2705 (co-author). He has also published two self-help eBooks titled ‘A Practical Guide to Business English’ (ISBN: 978-0-9574934-4-5 (3-5) (4-2) and ‘10 Practical Guidelines to Motivate Yourself’ (ASIN: B00F2H8MP6). As Director QEC, Dr. Amir will work in unison with the QEC team and all other internal and external stakeholders to instil and nurture an ethos of total quality management and enhancement in all USA operations.


Mr. Aamir Abbas Chaudary

Deputy Director Quality Enhancement Cell

Assistant Professor Faculty of Management Sciences
PhD (Management) Candidate
MS (Management), University of Management and Technology, Lahore
MBA, University of Management and Technology, Lahore

Contact: [email protected]

Mr. Aamir Abbas Chaudhry is working as Assistant Professor at University of South Asia (USA), Lahore in its faculty of Management Sciences. He is also working on the strategic plans of the University to take it to the next level of success in its Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) in the capacity of Deputy Director, QEC. Apart from his academic excellence in higher education, he is an active researcher in the areas of Management and Strategic Human Resource Management. His focused research interests include organizational behavior, leadership, services management and HR systems. He has published his research work in national and international journals of repute. He is academician by choice who has also practiced management and HRM in the corporate sector. As Deputy Director of QEC, his scope of work is to ascertain strategic directions related to quality endeavors from 360 degree approach in University of South Asia and to ensure implementation of QEC plans so that USA image as University in quality assurance can be augmented.


Mr. Qalab-e-Abbas

Assistant Director Quality Enhancement Cell

Assistant Professor of Faculty of Management Sciences
MSc (International Business), University of Dundee, Scotland, UK
MBA, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Contact: [email protected]

Mr. Qalab-e-Abbas is working at University of South Asia since October 2015. He holds a MSc. International Business from University of Dundee, Scotland, UK. He completed his graduation in Business Administration from University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. His teaching and research focuses on the interface between international entrepreneurship, innovation and marketing management within the context of small and medium-size enterprises. He is a dedicated, ambitious and goal-driven educator with six years progressive experience in higher education institutes and strongly believes that class room is a training ground not only in the field of study but many aspects of life. Currently, he is performing his duties as Assistant Director Quality Enhancement Cell at University of South Asia. His major responsibilities include ensuring USA meets all requirements of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of HEC and all program accreditation bodies.


Ms. Mishal Aleem

Manager Quality Enhancement Cell

Lecturer Faculty of Architecture

Contact: [email protected]

Ms. Mishal Aleem is working as an Associate Professor (Faculty of Architecture) at University of South Asia. Her research interests are Urban Design & Planning, Architectural Design, Landscape & Environment Studies and Sustainable Design Strategies.
Ms. Mishal graduated from University of the Punjab in 2009, with a B.Arch degree. Her belief in the fact that a sensitive design approach can make the world a better place for all its inhabitants alike, led her to design an eco-friendly neighborhood as her thesis project. Not only it won an accolade from the university, but also her research was well-received by the the selection committee of International Conference of Islamic Art & Architecture (ICIAA). She was the youngest researcher to present her paper, ‘An Islamic Neighborhood’, at ICIAA-2010, held in Esfahan, Iran. The paper got published in Isfahan Universiy of Arts’ journal.
Ms. Mishal has a field experience of almost 8 years, during which she has worked with renowned architectural firms of Lahore. She currently runs her private practice.
She joined the University of South Asia in 2015, with the sole purpose of educating the architectural students about their roles and responsibilities as architects, and the effects of their design approaches on the society, economy and environment.
As Manager QEC, she is committedly working with the QEC Team in planning, organizing and coordinating activities to ensure quality academic operations at University of South Asia as per the criteria of Quality Assurance Agency at HEC These activities include preparation of course files, streamlining course curriculum and developing programme roadmaps in accordance with HEC and international standards, class audits, teachers’ evaluation and training of faculty members.


Ms. Kainaat Fatima

QEC Officer

Contact: [email protected]

Ms. Kainaat Fatima completed her bachelors in business administration from University of South Asia. She was the student ambassador and prominent hockey player at intermediate level.
She is a member of University of South Asia’s Quality Enhancement Cell as QEC Officer. Her duties include; assisting QEC team in preparing self-assessment reports, coordinating activities with all departments and conducting quality related surveys to ensure that the university is meeting HEC as well as internal standards of quality excellence.


Mr. Umar Hayat

Focal Person QEC, Department for Fashion and Design

Lecturer Faculty of Fashion and Design

Mr. Umar Hayat is serving in the Department of Fashion and Design at USA since 2015 as lecturer, imparting knowledge and guiding students with his rich experiences. He has extensive professional experience of over three years which includes industrial experience of PDQ textile PVT LTD, Indus apparel. His pret collections have been displayed three times in Fashion Week London. Currently, he is associated with label of Mantra by Bombay Store (UK based brand).


Mrs. Rubina Amin

Focal Person QEC, Department of Architecture

Associate Professor Faculty of Architecture

Mrs. Rubina Amin completed her Bachelors in Architecture from National College of Arts (NCA) and has been conducting Architectural Thesis class at USA since 2011. She is the recipient of Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP) award which is equal to five publications. She has sixteen years of teaching experience in different institutes like NCA, USA and Oriental College of Arts (OCA) and also served as Director of OCA. She has completed over two hundred projects under the name of Rubina Associates. She has taught subjects of Professional Practice, Research Methodology, Theory of Architecture, and Landscape. She has rendered her services for a wide variety of academic tasks such as development of architectural design courses and course contents of theoretical subjects with the help of the concerned teacher, infrastructure for different projects of landscape, project management and surveys on sites and research work for various projects to be conducted by the team.


Dr. Wajeeha

Focal Person QEC, Department of Physiotherapy

Lecturer Faculty of Life and Health Sciences

Dr. Wajeeha works as Lecturer and Program Coordinator in the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences contributing her expertise and experience to the management of administrative tasks of the Department of Physiotherapy. In addition, she is representing her Department in the Quality Enhancement Cell and is an integral member of Committee of Continuous Professional Development (CCPD) and Event Management (EMC) at USA. Dr. Wajeeha received her Degree in Bachelors of Physiotherapy from King Edward Medical University School of Physiotherapy, Mayo Hospital Lahore. To further her education, she did Transitional Doctor of Physiotherapy (tDPT/M.Phil) from University of Health Sciences. She is a dedicated educator, manager and counselor. She is involved with University administration, faculty and students maintaining high standards of conduct and strives to improve the academic and administrative interaction and feedback among them.


Ms. Ayesha Saeed

Focal Person QEC, Department of Food and Nutrition

Senior Lecturer Faculty of Life and Health Sciences

Ms. Ayesha Saeed is the QEC Focal Person from the Department of Food and Nutrition, Faculty of Life and Health Sciences. She is a PhD Scholar (Food & Nutrition) and working at USA as Senior Lecturer and MPhil Program In-charge. With her experience in nutritional counseling, research publications, conference presentations, reviewing, and research supervision, she is a dedicated academician. Her area of expertise and interest include epidemiology, maternal and neonatal health. As a liaison between the QEC management and the department, she aspires to raise the quality of the Departmental activities according to benchmarks set by HEC.


Ms. Ayesha Ameen

Focal Person QEC, Department of Bio-Technology

Lecturer Faculty of Life and Health Sciences

Ms. Ayesha Ameen is a graduate of FC College University, Lahore. She has worked on different research projects related to Environmental Biotechnology, Microbiology, Tissue Culturing and Molecular Biology. She has worked as Research Associate in FC College University, Research Scholar during her MPhil from LCWU and Research Intern in University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. Her research interests are composting and recycling of organic waste, isolation, cloning and characterization of bacterial strains, techniques of molecular biology, gene sequencing, plant tissue culture, in vitro citrus production, and bioinformatics tools. She is keen to embark on a career where she can serve in a challenging and dynamic environment by making the best out of her professional abilities and interpersonal skills. She is an active contributor to a team of dedicated and ambitious people working in QEC for the establishment of quality assurance system in higher education. She is contributing in collection of data from all the academic departments regarding faculty and students and summarizing it for the purpose of quality assurance.


Mr. Ilyas Butt

Focal Person QEC, Department of Computer Sciences (Tufail Road Campus)

Assistant Professor Faculty of Computer Sciences

Mr. Ilyas Butt completed his MSc in Intelligent Imaging System from Queen Mary University, London and did BSCS from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore. Currently, he is working as Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Sciences at USA and has been given the additional roles of focal person QEC, member Board of Faculty and member Course Curriculum & Accreditation Committee for Department of Computer Sciences, where the Department achieved X category approval. Having an updated knowledge of curriculum & accreditation as described by Higher Education Commission and National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC), his contribution to QEC at USA involves sharing his experience and expertise with the team to gain highest level of Quality Standards required by HEC and NCEAC.


Ms. Abida Hassan

Focal Person QEC, Department of Law

Assistant Professor Faculty of Law

Ms. Abida Hassan is working as Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law at USA. Prior to receiving her LLM degree, she completed her LLB with a distinction. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD and is practicing law as Advocate High Court since 2010. She has extensive experience in law and has held several reputable positions including Chairperson, Guardian Courts, Lahore (Free Legal Aid Committee) from 2015-16, Member Human Rights Committee, Punjab Bar Council (2015-16), Legal Adviser at the panel of Government of Pakistan, Law and Justice, Islamabad. Presently, she is Chairperson, Jail Reforms Committee, Lahore. Moreover, she has served as Vice President of Punjab for Social Welfare Organization, Finance Secretary of Society of Humanity, Jampur, Pakistan and President, Society for Humanity. Ms. Hassan has also been involved in teaching and served as visiting lecturer at Minhaj University (Criminology Department), Lahore. She has supervised more than twenty students of LLM in their research work as internal and external supervisor. As focal person QEC, she is working as a liaison between the Department of Law and QEC at USA to ensure that HEC criteria for quality are met effectively.


Mr. Sabeeh-ul-Hasnain Siddiqui

Focal Person QEC, Department of Electrical Engineering (Raiwind Campus)

Lecturer Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Mr. Sabeeh-ul-Hasnain completed his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) from University of South Asia in 2015 with a 4.00 CGPA. He joined USA as a lecturer and has been teaching the courses High Voltage, Power System Analysis, Control System, Power Transients, Power System Protection and Renewable Energy Resources to electrical engineering students. In addition to this, he is managing Departmental Examination Cell where he is offering his services in conducting Mid and Final examination, keeping record of the results and solving exam related queries. Another uphill task assigned to Mr. Sabeeh includes up-gradation of laboratories by purchasing lab equipment as per the requirements of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), keeping all the abandoned equipment in order and evolving simple and executable maintenance procedures. As focal person for QEC, his duties are to stipulate clear and explicit standards by assuring quality through academic auditing according to PEC and HEC requirements.


Mr. Hammad Ullah

Focal Person QEC, Department of Computer Sciences (Raiwind Campus)

Lecturer Faculty of Computer Sciences

Mr. Hammad Ullah is working at University of South Asia since March 2016. He holds a MS Degree in Telecom and Electronics from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. He completed his graduation in BSC Engineering from COMSATS institute of information Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. His teaching and research focuses on the Wireless and Wired modes of Communication and how to utilize network more efficiently. He is a motivational and inspiring educator and famous in the university with his creative techniques of teaching. As far as his technicalities are concerned he worked 4 years for multinational organization starting from bottom till management position. He utilizes his vast experience of field work in his university career. Currently he is performing his duties as Member Quality Enhancement Cell at University of South Asia. His major responsibilities include ensuring USA meets all requirements of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of HEC and all program accreditation bodies.


Mr. Hasan Gul

Focal Person QEC, Department of Civil Engineering (Raiwind Campus)

Assistant Professor Faculty of Engineering

Mr. Hasan Gul is working as Assistant Professor at Department of Civil Engineering in University of South Asia since June 2016. He is currently involved in teaching and handling administrative matters of Civil Engineering Department at USA, Raiwind Campus. He holds six years of diverse experience in industry and academia. He has also worked as Lecturer at University of Central Punjab, Lahore. Before joining the academia, he worked as Project Engineer in Government of Punjab. He has written ISSN indexed research paper and is actively supervising undergraduate students’ projects/thesis. His research area is stress and strain behavior of soil under various loading conditions and soil types. As focal person of QEC, he is committed to implement decisions and strategies adopted by the University to achieve the quality enhancement targets.

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QEC will be represented on the following USA forums.

• Academic Council

• University Curriculum Review Committee (UCRC)

• Disciplinary Committee

External Membership

QEC is actively seeking external memberships such as

• American Society for Quality (ASQ)

• Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN)

• European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)

• International Network of Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education (INQAAHE)

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News And Events


August 7-8, 2017

On the initiative of and directions by the top management, Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) conducted departmental presentations for setting norms and expectations for Academic Year 2017-18, on August 7-8, 2017. The presentations were carried out by all Deans/Hods where their departmental teams were present. The objective of this whole activity was to run academic year 2017-18 with new zeal ensuring continuous improvement and augmented excellence.

The presentation cum training for faculty was carried out on the following parameters;

  1. Department and program vision and mission
  2. Goals for 2017-18
  3. Academic rules and Discipline.
  4. Test Banks
  5. Student Personality Transformation
  6. Practical Education
  7. On-time Classes


August 11, 2017

Quality Enhancement Cell at University of South Asia hosted an interactive training session titled “Role of Positive Behavior and Ethics at Workplace”. The session was conducted by Dr. Khaleeq-ur-Rehman, Member Punjab Higher Education Commission and former Vice-Chancellor of Government College University, Lahore. The entire staff of Examination Department and all QEC core team members participated in the training. The honorable Vice Chancellor, University of South Asia, Mian Imran Masood and Vice Chairman, Dr. Shafkat Beg also graced the occasion.


August 1-10, 2017

Quality Enhancement Cell at University of South Asia conducted a capacity building workshop for the faculty on “Effective Communication Skills” at Tufail Road Campus. Dr. Irfan Amir, Director QEC and Ms. Raana Naseer, Lecturer English led the 12-hour contact interactive training focusing on the key dimensions of communication skills. The faculty members significantly benefited from the training program.


17-18 July, 2017 – Batch 1
24-25 July, 2017 – Batch 2

A two-day training workshop on “Preparing Departmental Self- Assessment Reports (SARs)” was organized by Quality Enhancement Cell at University of South Asia, Tufail Road Campus. The session was conducted by Mr. Amir Abbas (Deputy Director QEC) and facilitated by Mr. Qalab-e- Abbas (Assistant Director QEC). The workshop covered eight criteria outlined by HEC for the preparation of Departmental SARs. Training for Batch-1 included faculty members from Department of Management Sciences, Fashion and Design, Architecture, Biotechnology, and Food and Nutrition. Likewise, training for Batch -2 was attended by faculty members from Department of Computer Sciences, Physiotherapy, Media Studies and Law. Program Teams (PT) were also formed and documented to initiate the compilation of SARs to meet HEC self-assessment requirements.


May 24, 2017

Dr. Irfan Amir, Director QEC, conducted an interactive training session on “6 Cs of Personal and Professional Development” at the University of South Asia, Tufail Road campus. The conceptual, idiosyncratic framework was shared with faculty and staff for their capacity building.


May 22, 2017

A training session on preparing Self-assessment Reports, together with the criteria deployed by HEC in their visit for Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE), was conducted by Mr. Aamir Abbas, Deputy Director QEC. The session provided an overview of the eleven IPE standards outlined by HEC. Each of the eleven standards covered a specific dimension of institutional quality. The QEC core team, focal persons across all faculties (both Tufail Road and Raiwind Campus), and Director HR and Academic Coordination participated in the session. MORE


May 18, 2017

A session on “The Importance and Philosophy of Making Course Files” was conducted by Mr. Aamir Abbas, Deputy Director QEC, for instructors across all faculties at University of South Asia’s Raiwind campus.


May 17, 2017

Mr. Aamir Abbas, Deputy Director QEC, conducted a session on “The Importance and Philosophy of Making Course Files” at Tufail Road campus. The session was attended by faculty across all departments at the Tufail campus.


May 2-3, 2017

Mr. Aamir Abbas, Deputy Director QEC, made a presentation on “Progress Review of IQA Mechanism at the University of South Asia” at HEC, Islamabad. He briefed Director General QAA, other members of the HEC team, and QEC representatives from other participating institutions on the current standing of QEC at USA, institutional performance, implementation plan and actions taken to address weak areas and assistance required from HEC.


April 25-26, 2017

Quality Enhancement Cell jointly organized 1st National Conference on Business Management with Faculty of Management Science, University of South Asia.


April 13, 2017

Dr. Irfan Amir, Director QEC conducted a presentation on “Feedback on Class Audit conducted during April 3-6 2017”. During the session, the instructors who participated in the class audits were briefed about parameters outlined in HEC prescribed Class Audit Report proforma on which their classes were judged. Strengths, areas for improvement and some generic tips on methods of instruction were shared to enhance the quality of teaching at University of South Asia.


April 7, 2017

QEC concluded class audits. Class audit reports were prepared and submitted to Director QEC.


April 3, 2017

QEC initiated class audit project at University of South Asia, Tufail Road Campus.


March 29, 2017

Dr. Irfan Amir, Director QEC and Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences at University of South Asia conducted a seminar on “Personal and Professional Development” at School of Media and Mass Communication (SMC), Beaconhouse National University, Lahore.


March 13, 2017

A meeting of QEC core team members and program team members was convened to ensure compliance with regard to submission of course files from respective departments in accordance with the HEC requirements.


February 28, 2017

A session on “Course Coding as per International Standards and HEC Guidelines” was organized by QEC at University of South Asia, Tufail Road Campus to facilitate faculty in developing road maps for their respective courses complete with course codes in accordance with international norms and HEC requirements. Dr. Irfan Amir, Director QEC was the course lead.


February 9, 2017

QEC initiated students’ feedback of instructors through Teacher Evaluation Form (Proforma 10) provided by Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) at HEC.


February 7, 2017

Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) submitted the QEC Strategic Plan: Long-Term Perspective and Action Plan for 2017-18 to the University management highlighting QEC goals and activities for the year.

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Software House

USA-Software House is responsible for the implementation of the broad IT vision of the University of South Asia in terms of strategic central planning and operations. It provides technical support both to the academic community and the management of the University, making it easier for them to carry out their tasks and duties. Its main priority is to meet all kinds of IT challenges through well thought out policies. And it is doing just that on account of a team of dedicated professionals who are always at hand to solve IT related problems and work towards expansion and betterment of the campus wide network.
Well-experienced professionals at software house have made it possible for students, parents, faculty members, management officials and other information seekers to access the required information and records with just a few keystrokes. They have set up user-friendly web pages with simple navigation and relevant links that allow students to check academic records.
USA-Software House provides a wide range of services and state-of-the-art facilities to USA students, faculty members and other management staff.

Software Systems Developed By Software House 2018-07-21T09:33:52+00:00

All manual systems are computerized since the enstablishment of university’s software house. facilitaing family of USA. Follwing are the systems developed by Software house:
– University Website
– Learning Management System
– University Managemnet System
– Human Resource System
– Student Information System
– Student & Employee Attendance System
– Examination Management System
– Student Enrollment System

Services of Software House 2018-07-21T09:33:07+00:00

Basically, the Software Development Section (SDS) of the Software House provides support to the existing software applications that are in use at USA. These applications were developed by the SDS for the USA family to help them via online management system to achieve their targets with ease. The Software Development Section (SDS) provides services and support for the software & web applications that have been incorporated for use of the USA family. This section also develops new software & web applications to make any computer related task or activity easier for the USA family. Such activities include:
– Software Development
– Web Development & Maintenance
– Learning Management System Development & Maintenance
– Development & Maintainace of University Management System
– Orientation / Training
– Troubleshooting
– General Queries
– Periodic meetings of the Head Software House and the SDS team with concerned officials and end-users help the Software House team to enhance the information systems and modules to in-service software.