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Modern Facilities & Resources

Facilitating Environment
Supporting Your Development

USA Lahore provides its students with the best education along with grooming and overall personal development. Our campuses create a stimulating and enriching environment, giving students the confidence to excel in their choice of career path.

Our focus is not only in providing excellent classroom support to students, but via extra-curricular activities and seminars and workshops, we give students the chance to develop themselves creatively, socially and display individual talents.

At USA, you will find our faculty supportive and ready to help you unlock your potential. We have high expectations from students, after all, we know they are capable individuals.

IT & Computing Facilities

The University has purpose build modern Computer Labs for your tutorials and lab work. All campuses have computer lab outfitted with quality equipment and computers, and supportive and knowledgeable lab attendants. Facilities available include high speed internet, email, file storage space, online library and printing services.

The Computer has now become an extended tool of study: for research, assignments, and connectivity. Each student must have their own computer, with charging facilities available at different points on campus. This tool will be yours to use years after graduation, so invest in a good laptop and take all necessary care to keep it in good condition.

The presence of wireless networks on campus also allows students to stay connected to information services.

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university of south asia classroom

Lecture Halls

Our spacious lecture halls are designed to be comfortable and resourceful, employing a number of teaching aids including whiteboards, projection screens, microphones, and internet. This allows us to teach in different styles: auditory, visual and via activities. All our classrooms and lecture halls are air-conditioned.


Our campuses have a well-maintained library to support students and faculty members. The libraries have an extensive collection of thousands of books, and the library staff is always supportive and there to help you in your research needs. The USA Library is also a great place to work on assignments and study during assessment times in a peaceful atmosphere.

We also share with students online tools to conduct research, access books and articles, and develop strong research habits.

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university of south asia digital library

Digital Library

A digital library helps students to connect with latest articles and research in their field of study. It is accessible via the internet on campus as well as off campus.

Hostel Facilities

USA has made adequate arrangements for the benefit of students coming from other cities to Lahore, a beautiful prominent city of Punjab, with a rich history and heritage. The University offers separate hostels for boys and girls, with laundry, transport and meal services.

university of south asia hostel
university of south asia cafeteria


The cafeteria at all campuses are a hotspot of student activity, providing refreshments and entertainment for having breaks during academic routine. Our cafes are clean, well-lit with a variety of food and snack items.

Resource Center

The resource centers at USA campuses are a great place to get textbooks, photocopy facilities, and stationery items. The staff is helpful and supportive to facilitate your time at the University.

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university of south asia seminar hall

Seminar Hall

The seminar hall at Cantt Campus is an excellent place for gatherings of up to 175 people, and rightly named “Ideas Lab” where students, faculty and practitioners come together to exchange ideas, thoughts and latest market happenings. Curricular and extra-curricular activities take place here.

The seminar hall at Raiwind Campus accommodates up to 200 people, and is used for Orientation, Guest Lectures and other extra-curricular activities.

The seating arrangements are excellent at both campuses and the halls are equipped with modern audio-visual aids.

Transport Services

For the convenience of students, USA Raiwind Campus offers a fleet of buses that operate on different routes in Lahore. The buses provide safe and secure transportation facilities from convenient locations around Lahore.

university of south asia transport
university of south asia health science lab

Health Sciences Labs

To support the programs of Physiotherapy and Nutritional Sciences, relevant labs have been developed where demonstrations, experiments and other lab work is conducted under the supervision of able demonstrators and lab attendants.

Fashion Studios

Fashion, interior and textile students study in a studio setting where the furniture is movable and can accommodate different lesson plans and tasks. Students work with mannequins and there projects are monitored under the able leadership of faculty members.

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