“Less is more”

Nowadays sales itself has evolved to such an extent that modern day sales person can hardly be relatable and recognizable by a decade ago sales person.

Why is this so?

There are hundreds of sales tools, some of them are hard skills and some of them are soft skills. Wearing a nice suit, shoes, tie and combed hair is a necessity of traditional sales practice but other than that, sales tools are becoming sharper and tech savvy.

The basic reason behind this evolvement is that target people has evolved and gone to such platforms that are only technology based. So when your customer has shifted to a tech based platform then to whom will you sell on traditional platform?

Answer to this is: Basically No-body!

So now, in order to sell the products and reach out to the target markets, sales people had to and have to shift on digital platforms. They need to promote and sell their products with the help digital tools and techniques because when you will be selling on digital platform, you will need digital tools to sell digitally.

The next question comes about the approach of using these digital tools.

Digital selling tools can be explained very simply and one can say that you just have to do clicks and rest will be handled by the platform you are selling on, it could be Facebook, YouTube, google or any other digital platform, but that is not the real picture.

Selling efficiently and effectively on digital platforms requires a logic, knowledge and technique. The best practice is to use traditional sales experience on digital platforms.

The reason behind this is that, the people who are buying and are present on digital platforms are the same who once used to buy on traditional platforms, so basically what sales person needs to do is that, use traditional platform approach on digital platform, by this means, sales person need to know that his/her customers will be available on which page on digital platform and at what time, because on digital platforms, one can be very specific in selecting his target market and showing them there message but again the basic thing to recognize them first that where they will be found and at what time. It’s a complete science in itself which a sales person need to know.

Here I want to point out two benefits of selling digitally.

First one is that, a sales person can gauge accurately the success factor of the message he/she ran. It includes, who saw it (including demographics), for how much time, at what time and what made it left the ad/message.

Second is that, each and every penny can be traced and get accounted for on digital platform.

At the end, sales person have to equip himself with modern selling tools and techniques for effective selling, regardless of the type of platform, whether it’s conventional or digital.