“Marketing always change with time but sales stays the same.”

Above mentioned statement maybe refuted by many scholars and industry professionals but through my research and experience, I have come over this conclusion that Marketing falls under the umbrella of sales and to increase sales, marketing is used as a tool for it.

Now the first question, that how sales is a bigger domain then marketing?

Whenever a business is started, the primary purpose of that business is to sell and grow. So very evidently selling is the most basic and first aim of any business.

Now, how to sell that product?

In the selling process the first step is to do the marketing of that product. Even though selling do not occur as a first thing in selling process but its marketing. This is because, to sell anything you have to convey the product specifications and benefits first and then there will come a chance that your prospect is going to buy the product and actual sales will occur

This is because. Without conveying product specification or without giving product information no one will feel the need to buy that product. Marketing specifically arouses a need in customers related to that product through product specifications and benefits, and when that  is aroused or manipulated then the customer will move by himself and start the buying process, which from the other end is called selling process.

Now, as the first part of selling process has been executed, that is conveying message through marketing, second step comes of selling in which sales people will be involved not marketing people. The job of sales people will be to turn those people into actual customers who become potential customer through marketing.

Basically marketing is complimenting sales, and sales covers marketing. Success of marketing can only be gauged by sales number.

Now the second question is that why sales stays the same and marketing change with time?

Over the period of time, we have seen that marketing mediums change, conventional mediums, traditional mediums then there comes digital mediums. In between these three domains there are number of platforms to do marketing on them and every platform have their own tools and techniques.

You have to show your message on those platforms where your customers are, customer interest changes and with that customer active platforms change. So a marketer always need to evolve with time, keeping in line with the potential customers.


On the other hand, sales or specifically closing the deal, to close the deal you need to have good hands on experience. Sales tools and techniques comes with good hands on experience of sales. More your traditional experience in sales, more you will be successful in this industry.

Sales is all about the way you deal with your potential customer, the way you cover your product and for that sales techniques do not change but they become more enriched and detailed. So it’s really easy for an experienced traditional sales person to sell something then for a newbie. If we adopt this strategy for marketing then it won’t be a successful one because if a traditional marketer will start doing marketing on digital mediums, without any doubt he will have difficulties and might fail and if a fresh graduate or a digital marketer run a digital campaign then for lot of reasons it will be a better campaign then the campaign of traditional marketer.

So again at the end, we need to keep 2 things in mind:

Sales is a bigger umbrella, which cover marketing.

Marketer needs to evolve with time but sales man need to practice traditional techniques to make them more enriched.