Book reading has always been considered an intellectual and worthy habit, in all eras and in all communities.
Since silent reading inception, its mediums has changed in every era. First, there were early readers, who were few in number and used to read the manuscripts kept at some holy place. Then there came public libraries, it was the time of American civil war when public libraries became a posh place to be and people who used to go to public libraries were considered highly intellectual. After the hippy movement, there came a time when the concept of reading book stores emerged. These book stores were selling the books, unlike libraries but were giving an experience of the library, by providing time and space to read the book then and there. This was one of its kind idea and business. These book stores were providing state of the art sitting and reading facilities and environment. People gradually started shifting towards these kinds of book stores.
During the mid-’20s, online book reading surfaced and people found it to be very convenient. With that, there were a lot of websites who started selling books online like Amazon and the trend of libraries plus physical book stores started getting outdated.

It was getting very hard for book stores to compete and even survive in front of online book stores. Libraries were public, so they didn’t need to strive for their survival. After online book reading and book buying, people started disappearing from libraries and book stores. People started reading books on their laptops and mobile phones. This was a sort of technological shift of this industry and revolution of it. Nowadays, people have books in their smartphones, not just books but the application which give them access to hundreds of books. Still, the true library readers prefer to go to libraries for book reading. It’s a very disputed topic that, is it better to have an actual physical reading experience or convenience matters more..!

Studies has shown that Generation Y is more inclined towards online reading and Generation X like to read books in book stores to a physical book. Some people are very sensitive to this topic, as they take book reading religiously. According to these people, book reading should be done in the library, book stores or reading actual books. Online books don’t give them that experience and feel of reading a “BOOK”. Personally speaking, book reading tradition needs to be preserved and to be passed on to the coming generations. Reading a book in the library gives a whole lot of different experience than reading a book online or on mobile.

Our coming generations should also have a feel of it, that how does it feel like to read a book in the library. With private book stores, our public libraries also need to be maintained and preserved, they are asset and heritage of every nation. The working knowledge and intellect lying on the shelves of these libraries are priceless and phenomenal.