“Let us never be betrayed into saying we have finished our education; because that would mean we had stopped growing.”
Julia H. Gulliver

Whenever you are reading an article and listening to someone using amazing vocabulary and providing you realistic facts about a sector, definitely results in improved knowledge. High education is part and parcel of that process. Every adult look forward to attaining higher education. With the evolving trends every day, High education trends are also changing.

People almost decade back had never heard of the term distance learning/ online learning. As educational institutes, schools, colleges, universities, libraries and motivational talks were the only source of education. With the availability of internet around the globe, educational trends are evolving over time.

Distance learning is almost the same as traditional self-study process, the only difference is either the learning materials and resources are sent to students in the form of email or they have been uploaded on the online portals. Teachers mostly interacts with students only when they are submitting the assignments or when they have been assigned any other task. They complete their set task according to the given schedule. Flexible timing has also made it easier for students to attend the classes and cover their courses along with their families. They can also manage their career as well.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Previously, everybody was busy in getting a degree. They were focused on having a good name attached to their resume. They were not as focused on adding more and more skills. But now students are moving towards skills as internet have made it easier for every student to earn remotely around the globe with the help of their unique skills and their experience in different sectors. Students are attaining this knowledge in the form of additional certifications and diplomas offered by almost every university in the world. These certifications and diploma have increased the skill-set and capabilities of students. This shift from getting not only a degree but the urge of attaining new skills have made a lot of changes in work viability.

Major trends that have changed educational sector are as following:

Online Education:

Online education system has removed a lot of barriers in higher education system and it has also developed the industry. A lot of universities are offering online degrees like in Pakistan which includes Allama Iqbal Open University, Virtual University, UET, COMSAT University and University of Peshawar. By providing online degree they have made it easier for the students to continue their careers along with education.

Competency-based Education:

An increase in competency- based education allows students to apply their work and life experience in education and degree. These degrees are less expensive, self-paced and more career-oriented.

Diplomas and Certifications:

Many universities are offering certifications and diplomas. People of all ages can add those certifications to their resume and can have a greater impact on the society. As Life is a never-ending journey, seek knowledge. There’s always going to be growth, improvement, adversity; you just have to move along the line and do what’s right, continue to grow. Universities like LUMS, University of South Asia are offering these diplomas.

Job Structure:

With this shift from degrees to diplomas and certifications, have changed the job environment altogether. Even the companies are preferring students with multiple job skills and hands- on experience.  For example, Google adwords is an upcoming field, according to a survey, there is 73% increase of job occurrence if you have multiple skill set. This shift in the higher education have also transformed job sector as well. Many organizations preferred people with multiple skills. Even the international universities are promoting their students to join short courses and diplomas to make their mark into the industry.