On Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 USA Dramatic Society presented a mime performance titled “Irtiqa” to a crowd of over 200 students in the cafeteria hall at University of South Asia’s Cantt. Campus.

The play was conceived by a talented group of 10 students under the leadership of the society’s president- Mr. Shan Afzal. The story was based on a depressed person who felt society had pressurized him into a lifestyle he had originally not opted for- and the struggles the individual faced. This was beautifully presented by the team- leaving a strong message at the end- that if a person is able to understand their struggles, they can overcome them- but first they must accept it.

The Honorable Director Administration was the Chief Guest for this performance and greatly appreciated the efforts of the students and expressed his desire for students to continue their artistic explorations and help translate valuable morals into plays that engage and captivate the mind.


USA Dramatic Society