An educational trip to humble textiles was organized by the Industrial Linkages and Placement Department for the students of Fashion Design Department to Hunbul Tex (Pvt) Ltd. is a textile design house based in Lahore, Pakistan. With an excellent team of textile professionals, textile designers and process managers working on latest fabric manufacturing techniques, futuristic designs and high yields production management, it is a remarkable organization for students pursuing a career in Fashion and Textile Design.

With an experience of more than 10 years, they have production facilities like, spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing, rotary printing, flatbed printing, digital printing, embroidery and stitching

It proved to be a much enriched learning experience as it was directly related to the theoretical knowledge and the particular subject of fashion accessories and embellishment which will be very helpful for students in this subject but in the future also.Students had the opportunity to witness and learn about alot of things which enhanced their  knowledge about the technicalities and the processing.

Quoted by a Fashion Design Student We actually got to see that how things that we study are actually practiced. We learnt about the detailed process of making an embroided articles. The manual creation of the design by the expert designers then the coding and decoding of the designs which can also be said as the punching of the design through different embroidery software. Later the data is transferred to the machines for further working. Humble textiles have finest machines and equipment. They had huge multi head embroidery machines. We got the knowhow of the working process of the machines. We saw different kinds of samples and also the articles which were in the process of construction”.

Students were shown the machines and the mechanism of digital printing. As they claimed they had the best machines available in the market. Their upgraded digital printing machines worked very smoothly with fabulous results. The machines generally used in the market use the combination of four colors of ink. But the machines which were used in Humble Textiles used on work using in 7 colors of inks.

Students were entertained on a questions and answers session over the tea. All the questions were very wisely addressed and also explained about the marketing aspect of the product making, the interests and the demands of the customers. As per their word HUMBEL TEXTILE is the platform or the service provider which directly doesn’t has the link with the customer and the retail selling of the products. They work with the leading brand names of Pakistan including Maria .B Sana Safinaz and many others. Students felt immensely acknowledged for such a learning experience and wish to continue having more Industrial Experiences.

Yasmeen Butt

Manager Industrial Linkages & Placements.


University of South Asia