Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom’.

(George Washington Carver)

Education provides nourishment of the mind, as one feeds the body and selects delicious food to tingle and satisfy the taste buds so similarly nurturing the mind with tingling food is vital too. Higher education is that aromatic nourishing food for mind. Why does one need higher education? Why not? There are so many reasons because the world is no longer a closed book for which one has to go to the library to read, it’s a global village, with one touch of a button you are connected to an ocean of information. Higher education, of any subject enables you to accept the challenges of a dynamic career anywhere in the world. Get a smart package, get the desired life style and lead a successful life. Although the struggle for achieving these goals is compelling and tedious but once accomplished, gives massive gratification too. So one must go for it with zest and hard work and enjoy the splendor higher education brings with it.

           By Nayab Naveed