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General complaints

If you have experienced a problem with a USA service, staff member or student, and you would
have not received a response from the Office of Student Affairs, then you should let us know by
submitting a formal complaint.
The University will accept anonymous submissions;

 however, our ability to consider and respond may be limited.

Details of your complaint:

Clearly set out the details of your complaint, including any background information, dates,
times, names, location etc. Try to keep to listing the facts in the order that they happened.

What steps have you already taken?

List any steps you have already taken, including who you have spoken to. If you have not tried to
resolve the matter informally, please explain why:

What evidence do you have to support your complaint?

Detail any evidence you have to support your complaint and attach relevant correspondence,
emails or documents. Supporting evidence can be forwarded by email, fax or post.

What outcome are you seeking?

Please note that the results of our investigations will be in agreement with the University’s policies and procedures and Statutory obligations. The outcome you are seeking cannot be guaranteed.

Contact Details: (in case we need to get in touch with you)