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Accreditation & Affiliation

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Functions of Registrar Office

To lead the initiatives as determined by the Vice-Chancellor To provide secretariat support to the University authorities To ensure the implementation of the academic rules and regulations of the University To advise the higher management regarding strategic planning and establishment of the best practices relating to all academic and administrative activities The Registrar Office is mandated to ensure the academic governance of the University through timely conduct of meetings of statutory bodies, namely, Board of Governors, Academic Council, Boards of Faculties, Board of Advanced Studies and Research, Selection Board and Finance and Planning Committee To ensure the smooth conduct of university authorities’ meetings, appropriate implementation of the decisions taken and maintain record of all proceedings To liaise and correspond with the regulatory and accreditation bodies To deal and/or coordinate in all the legal matters of the University To collaborate with the Heads of all the academic and non-academic departments of the University to facilitate and improve the services to the students, teachers and other academic staff To plan and lead the ceremonial functions like convocations, etc To participate in professional development activities, which support the strategic goals and objectives of the University

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