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News And Events QEC ACTIVITY ON DEPARTMENTAL NORMS AND EXPECTATIONS FOR ACADEMIC YEAR 2017-18 August 7-8, 2017 On the initiative of and directions by the top management, Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) conducted departmental presentations for setting norms and expectations for Academic Year 2017-18, on August 7-8, 2017. The presentations were carried out by all Deans/Hods where their departmental teams were present. The objective of this whole activity was to run academic year 2017-18 with new zeal ensuring continuous improvement and augmented excellence. The presentation cum training for faculty was carried out on the following parameters; Department and program vision and mission Goals for 2017-18 Academic rules and Discipline. Test Banks Student Personality Transformation Practical Education On-time Classes TRAINING OF EXAMINATION DEPARTMENT ON THE ROLE OF POSITIVE BEHAVIOR AND ETHICS AT WORK PLACE August 11, 2017 Quality Enhancement Cell at University of South Asia hosted an interactive training session titled “Role of Positive Behavior and Ethics at Workplace”. The session was conducted by Dr. Khaleeq-ur-Rehman, Member Punjab Higher Education Commission and former Vice-Chancellor of Government College University, Lahore. The entire staff of Examination Department and all QEC core team members participated in the training. The honorable Vice Chancellor, University of South Asia, Mian Imran Masood and Vice Chairman, Dr. Shafkat Beg also graced the occasion. FACULTY CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOP ON EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS August 1-10, 2017 Quality Enhancement Cell at University of South Asia conducted a capacity building workshop for the faculty on “Effective Communication Skills” at Tufail Road Campus. Dr. Irfan Amir, Director QEC and Ms. Raana Naseer, Lecturer English led the 12-hour contact interactive training focusing on the key dimensions of communication skills. The faculty members significantly benefited from the training program. TRAINING ON DEPARTMENTAL SELF-ASSESSMENT REPORTS (SARS) 17-18 July, 2017 - Batch 1 24-25 July, 2017 - Batch 2 A two-day training workshop on [...]

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Memberships QEC will be represented on the following USA forums. • Academic Council • University Curriculum Review Committee (UCRC) • Disciplinary Committee External Membership QEC is actively seeking external memberships such as • American Society for Quality (ASQ) • Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN) • European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) • International Network of Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education (INQAAHE)

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Assessment Click on Following Links to download forms: 1. Student Feedback on Course Evaluation (QAA-Form 1) 2. Faculty Course Review Report (Form 2) 3. Survey of Graduating Students (Form 3) 4. Progress of Research Students (Form 4) 5. Faculty Survey (Form 5) 6. Survey of Department Offering Ph.D. Programs (Form 6) 7. Alumni Survey (Form 7) 8. Employer Survey (Form 8) 9. Faculty Resume (Form 9) 10. Teacher Evaluation Form (Form 10)

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