What is the dress code for employees?

Faculty and staff must be well groomed and presentable at all times as they are mentors to students and set standards of campus environment. Men must wear ironed trousers and collared shirts with closed toe shoes. Casual dressing for teachers is not allowed at University of South Asia. Women must wear clothes deemed appropriate in an academic environment.

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What is the protocol for email usage?

I.T. department sets the official email accounts for all the employees at the time of induction. All employees of the university must check their official email accounts at least once a day to ensure they remain abreast of what is happening across the university and of all official correspondence. The management uses email as a means of direct communication with all staff.

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What are the functional positions available in a department?

* Director – Minimum 10 years of experience * Senior Manager – Minimum 7 years of experience * Manager – Minimum 5 years of experience * Assistant Manager – Minimum 2 years of experience * Executive/ Officer – Fresh Bachelor Graduates * Office Assistant

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What is included in the course pack?

All faculty members are expected to maintain up-to-date course files. This is mandatory. A course file must include all relevant data which could become the basis of evaluation: • Course outline • Lecture breakdown for entire semester lesson wise • Clear learning outcomes for the course • List of subjects taught, teaching notes, and sample of practical printouts • Schedule of evaluation: quizzes, graded assignments, mid-term, final examination, and project • Breakdown of laboratory experiments pertaining to the course and record of successful conduct (if applicable) • Sample of best, worst and average answer sheets along with the question paper of each exam, quiz and homework • Sample of quizzes • Listing of textbooks and other reference books pertaining to the course • Records of make-up classes for any unscheduled holiday • Details of office hours for tutoring etc. • Recommendations and suggestions related to the course for the next session

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What is the leave policy of the University?

Leave is earned by duty. It cannot be claimed as a matter of right even when due, and if the exigencies of duty so require, the leave can be refused, and/ if leave already been granted or being availed, the remaining portion of it can be revoked and employee can be recalled to join forthwith. The university offers casual leave and medical leave. All casual leaves must be pre-approved by head of department and submitted to HR department. It is the duty of the individual to ensure classes missed are conducted at another scheduled time and that students are properly informed of the arrangements.

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What is the policy of attendance for University employees?

The University has a biometric process of attendance. Attendance Is considered very important as it affects quality of teaching and support services to students. Full-time faculty members are expected to ensure highest levels of attendance, or else disciplinary action is taken.

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What are the working hours of the University?

Each individual is expected to give 40 hours of service a week to the University to be considered as Full-Time Employee of the University.

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What is the teaching load of faculty?

The general teaching load of faculty is as below: Professor: 9 credit hours Associate Professor: 9-12 credit hours Assistant Professor: 12 credit hours Lecturer: 12-15 credit hours All faculty members are expected to maintain their course files regularly and to ensure that latest research in their field is incorporated in classroom teaching. Faculty members must also supervise final year projects of bachelor students and thesis of master students. The head of department assigns these duties to faculty members as appropriate.

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What is the process of increments?

A comprehensive performance appraisal system exists in the University for the purpose of awarding increments. It involves feedback from students, peers, and supervisor. It is conducted once every year, in December. New employees are considered for it after 1 year of service.

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