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Assessment and Evaluation

During a semester the student may be required to take the following tests and examinations for each course(s). Each instrument carries proportionate marks which are accumulated in total marks. USA is using Absolute Grading Scheme, Students are formally evaluated by the resource person through different pedagogical assessment tools throughout the semester. Any given method can be used to grade the student in Relative Grading Scheme - Normal, Bell-Shaped Curve - Distribution Gap Method - Standard Deviation A wide range of assessment methods are available to resource persons to evaluate the level of knowledge and skills acquired by students in a particular subject. The following two methods are employed at UMT, generally known as sessional evaluation and final term. A combination of the following may be employed constituting sessional evaluation: - Case Study - Presentation - Assignments - Quizzes - Class Participation - Attendence - Projects - Viva Voce (for lab courses) - Mid Term Exams - Final Term Exams Final Term Examination A total of 100 marks are allocated to a course or a subject. These marks are normally assigned as per following Sessional work includes - Case Study - Presentation - Assignments - Quizzes - Class Participation - Attendance End Term Exam (excluding project / internship / thesis etc.) However, marks allocation or weightage may vary in some cases depending on the nature of the course or as deemed appropriate by the Resource Person.The Resource Person is supposed to announce the student’s sessional evaluation in the class and also display it on the notice board before the closing of classes.After classes are over, Final Term Examinations are conducted by the Office of Controller Examinations as per the date sheet. Compiling Results After the marking of the End-Term Papers, Respective Resource Persons shall initially compile the result by adding the marks secured by the participants in Sessional Work and End [...]

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Secondary Functions

- To compile report on examinations and departmental activities - To comply with HEC/PEC policies and send a copy of result gazette to PEC - To provide support to faculty and participants - To prepare semester progress reports and students’ letters on request - To suggest/recommend effective methods assessment and evaluation - To keep up departmental handbook updated

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Core Functions

- To conduct the final examinations, compile and declare the semester results - To prepare and verify FTs and degrees of the graduates - To Process grade change requests (GRC) - To draw a list of Dean’s merit awards - To dealing with Unfair Means Cases - To prepare Convocation scroll and Medal's lists - To keep record of student’s results and ensure departmental secrecy - To provide creditable customer service to students and faculty - To provide institutional Development support to management

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- To develop strong and consistent examination/evaluation system in the University. - To enhance the quality of examination and evaluation, ensuring reliability of the processes of the examination systems. - To ensure that the examinations system in the University follows the rules and policies passed by the Board of Governors. - To maintain all examination record in an effective manner.


Vision & Mission Statement

Vision To be the leading department at University of South Asia that sets the standards of quality, credibility and reliability in all of its functions. Mission University of South Asia's Office of Controller of Examination will create a technologically efficient, student-oriented, flexible and transparent system that caters to the needs of its student body effectively, ensuring reliable testing and evaluation procedures with zero tolerance towards unfair and inefficient practices.

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Controller of Examination Message

It is a general perception that Office of Controller Examinations (OCE) just does the mundane job. It is a false notion. I believe that, OCE can play a vital role in the academia if its resources are used strategically. Any University which dreams of becoming flagship in educational arena must have an eye on the console to analyze staggering parameters indicating level of quality education being imparted, teaching pedagogy in regards to its impact on the students’ attitude - through results. Veracity, Quality and Control are the rudimentary principles on which I firmly believe in. By the grace of Allah and indomitable commitment of OCE team in a short time we have been able to reinstate the credibility, reliability and functionality of this most critical and dynamic department. By virtue of deep involvement and dedication in the examination matters, I am pleased that OCE now plays a vital role in the University’s strategic decisions. Now examination team has embarked on reshaping its services. We are heading towards emerging as swift service provider (SSP). And to achieve it we have to energize and exert more collectively by pledging ourselves to the highest level of commitment facilitating all stakeholders with our services and values.

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