Master of Science in HR-Management

The most common type of degree available at the graduate level is a Master of Human Resource Management, though many Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs also offer human resource management as an area of concentration. Students in Human Resources (HR) management programs examine advanced management principles, hiring strategies, employee training practices, payroll processing, and other business practices necessary for managing large and small businesses. A graduate degree in HR management is critical, as many organizations will not consider applicants without an advanced degree. Courses in a Master Degree in HR Management program combine human relations skills, core business practices, and a series of electives. Common courses include:

– Strategic staffing
– Human resource management and planning
– Training and development
– Business culture and entrepreneurship
– Managerial applications of information technology
– Legal and ethical aspects of business


Employment Scope

  • Advertising
  • Banking
  • Economics
  • Events Management
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • HR Management
  • Insurance
  • Management
  • Management Consultancy
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Purchasing
  • Recruitment
  • Retailing
  • Self-Employment
  • Selling
  • Small Businesses
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Travel and Tourism