This program is designed to prepare graduates to perform required managerial and research based activities both in the national and international institutions. This program is intended to foster research skills among business graduates. The program shall comprise four (4) semesters/terms spread over two (2) calendar years with two semesters a year. There shall be minimum 30 credit hours for MS in Management Sciences program.

Marks Required : 50%

Credit Hours : 30

Duration : 2 Years

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Campus Name Scholarship Percentage
DHA Campus N/A
Cantt Campus 55%
Gulberg Campus 75%
Raiwind Rd Campus 75%


Core Courses

Sr. Course Title
1. Advanced Research Methodology
2. Statistical Analysis for Management Research
3. Organization Theory
4. Strategy and Policy

Management/HRM – Elective Course

Sr. Course Title
1. Strategic Human Resource Management
2. HRM Systems and Practices
3. Ethics in Employment and Workplace Well-being
4. Organizational Development and Change Management
5. Contemporary Issues and Agenda in HRM Research
6. HRM in Service Context
7. Leadership and Corporate Governance

Marketing – Elective Course

Sr. Course Title
1. Seminar in Strategic Marketing
2. Marketing Analytics
3. Service Marketing
4. Global Marketing
5. Strategic Channel Management
6. Seminar in Brand Management
7. Seminar in Consumer Behavior

Finance – Elective Course

Sr. Course Title
1. Advanced Financial Management
2. International Finance
3. Stock Market and Efficiency
4. Financial Econometrics and Modelling
5. Financial Markets and Institutions
6. Risk Management and Derivatives
7. Islamic Banking and Finance