Master of Business Administration
(After 14 years education)

The Master of Business Administration (Professional) program at the School of Business and Economics (SBE) is rigorous, result-oriented, practical, and case-based. The program core courses are taught in morning, to prepare our students fully before they enter workplace. Taught by one of the finest business faculty in the country, the program is delivered in an environment of mutual learning, teamwork, cutting edge research and dynamism. You will find our MBA for Professional program indeed the best in Lahore or to be more exact across Pakistan.The MBA (P) at SBE is an interactive program where students are encouraged to challenge the alternative views and engage in a constructive dialogue.

Program Objectives

– This program offers a progressive curriculum designed to teach business fundamentals and higher level leadership skills, and equip students to function more effectively in a business-driven economy.
– This program will enable students to learn how businesses fit into the broader economic landscape and gain insight into key business functions-such as accounting, finance, operations, and marketing, and how they work together to keep an organization running smoothly.
– This program will help students to examine how technology and innovation can help organizations develop a sustainable competitive advantage.


Employment Scope

The prestigious organziations will not even consider you if you don’t have at least several years of experience, and a freshly graduated MBA with little or no job experience are often in a better position with respect to job hunt than a recent college grad with little or no job experience.

This degree can provide you fulfilling career prospects in the times to come. Although there are many MBAs in the market but still this degree is of esteemed nature and provide promising opportunities in various sectors of the industry and corporate sector if MBA is done with focus on quality learning. We at USA assure you of best possible experience of learning in our MBA programs which will enable our students to serve on key managerial positions.