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  1. To serve as catalyst of change in education.
  2. To become the school of choice through quality education, research output and contribution towards society by producing responsible educated youth of Pakistan.
  3. To offer degree programs and courses meeting international standards and as per HEC guidelines.
  4. To promote research and scholarship.
  5. To make strong liaison with industry and inculcate industry requirements in curriculum.
  6. To develop entrepreneurial talent and spirit in our student body.
  7. To continually improve the academic processes for the satisfaction of all our stakeholders.
  8. To uphold and promote highest level of transparency and ethical standards in all our initiatives and activities.
  9. To promote the culture of social responsibility.
  10. To promote and maintain strong linkages and collaboration with academia for the uplift of education in Pakistan.

Degree Programs

Undergraduate Programs
Program name Duration Credits Project Thesis
Associate Degree Program in Media Studies 2 years 65 Yes -
Bachelor (Hons) in Mass Communication 4 years 133 Research Paper/Project Research Paper/Project
BS (Hons) Psychology 4 years 132 - Yes
Bachelors of Studies in English (Language & Literature) 4 years 136 - -
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) 1.5 years 48 - -
Graduate Programs
Program name Duration Credits Project Thesis
Master of Philosophy in English (Linguistis) 2 years 30 - Yes
Master of Philosophy in English (Literature) 2 Years 30 - Yes
Post Graduate Programs
Program name Minimum Duration Credits Project Thesis
Doctor of Philosophy in English 3 Years 48 - Yes

To value quality teaching through our proficient faculty members and create an exemplary environment for students.

To play a vital role in enabling the students to discover and expand their potentials in the field of humanities and social sciences. The Faculty strives to generate an environment of versatile activities and broad exploration, to enrich the intellect of students according to the modern trends.

  • A date-wise record of the attendance of students shall be maintained by each teacher by using online University portal and/or manually as well.
  • The list of eligible students for the Final Examination shall be notified by the Controller of Examinations one week before the start of Final Term Examination of each semester.
  • A student, who does not have the required attendance percentage and is declared Not Eligible for the Final Term Examination of enrolled course(s), shall not be allowed to appear in the Final Term Examination of concerned course(s) and shall be treated as having withdrawn from the course(s). The course(s) shall appear on the transcript with a letter Grade “W”. Such student shall have to repeat the concerned course(s) in a forthcoming Semester which offers the course(s).
  • In case a student due to some unavoidable circumstances (Performing Hajj, accident, serious illness or such other genuine reasons) having less than 75 % attendance but more than 60% in the course(s), may be allowed to appear in the Final Term Examination of course(s), having made up the deficiency in the form of attending extra classes/ submitting extra assignments arranged by the concerned teacher upon recommendation of head of department.
  • A student involved in University Level Society/ Sports and participating in Inter-University/ HEC/ National/ International Tournament/ Event, he/ she may be allowed to appear in the Final Term Examination of course(s) in which he/she has attended at least 60% of the lectures delivered in the class, having made up the deficiency in the form of attending extra classes/ submitting extra assignments, arranged by the concerned teacher upon recommendation of head of the department. The application for duty leave of such student shall be forwarded to the concerned head of academic department by Registrar/Director Sports, prior to the conduct of event and Examination.
Eligibility for Appearing in Examinations
  • A student shall qualify to appear in an Examination provided that he /she has: Registered/enrolled himself /herself for specific course(s) within the stipulated time limit after commencement of academic year/ semester and in accordance with laid down schedule and procedures of the University
  • Examination Regulations 125 Attained at least 75% attendance in respective course(s) or obtained a waiver from the Competent Authority as per rules. Has paid all the outstanding and current University dues including tuition fee/ hostel fee etc. before the commencement of the Examination.
  • All quizzes, tests, Mid Term and Final Term Examination shall take place on the University Campus. In extra ordinary circumstances the Examination Centre may be created outside the University for the Conduct of Final Term Examination.
  • Examination Regulations 125 Attained at least 75% attendance in respective course(s) or obtained a waiver from the Competent Authority as per rules. Has paid all the outstanding and current University dues including tuition fee/ hostel fee etc. before the commencement of the Examination.
Lab Work Assessment

In laboratory work/practical, each experiment, project, assignment, design and drawing etc. will be determined by the concerned teacher in the computation of cumulative performance on a scale of 50, from all assessment instruments completed during a regular or summer semester.

Award of Letter Grades

a) The letter grade in a course shall be determined by the instructor on the basis of percent marks earned cumulatively in all Examinations and assessment exercises (as required for the course), in accordance with the prescribed Grading System.

b) In a course where the practical work credit(s) is incorporated, the student shall be required to pass the practical assessment separately from other assessment in theory (quizzes, assignments, etc.)

Earned Credits

The term “Earned Credits” shall imply on the successfully Earned Credit Hours of a duly completed course including the Examination(s) and other assessment exercises, as prescribed for the course.

“GPA” and “CGPA”

The terms “GPA” and “CGPA” shall imply “Grade Point Average” and “Cumulative Grade Point Average” respectively.

Incomplete Course / Award of ‘I’ Grade
  1. An instructor may designate a course award as ‘I’ (incomplete) only in exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the student.
  2. The requirement of an Incomplete Course, as prescribed by the Instructor shall be fulfilled by the student within ten days of the declaration of the semester result, and, thereafter, with due assessment/finalization of the Grade, and submission of the result to the Controller of Examinations by the instructor within five days of the receipt of the assignment; the assigned Grade shall replace ‘I’ in the result / transcript.
  3. In case a student fails to meet the requirement as prescribed under Para a and Para b above, within the prescribed time limit, a Letter Grade appropriate to the percent marks obtained otherwise shall be assigned automatically

University of South Asia is an academic community. Its main purpose is the pursuit of knowledge.

Like all flourishing communities, the University can function properly only if its members adhere to clearly established goals and values.

Essential to the fundamental purpose of the University is the commitment to the principles of truth and academic honesty. Accordingly, the Code of Academic Integrity- Policy on Plagiarism is designed to ensure that the principle of academic honesty is upheld. While all members of the University share this responsibility, the Code of Academic Integrity is designed so that special responsibility for upholding the principle of academic honesty lies with the students.

The University’s Code of Academic Integrity is a world recognized honor code. Any of the following acts, when committed by a student, shall constitute academic dishonesty:-

  1. Cheating: fraud, deceit, or dishonesty in any academic course or final year project or final thesis in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage and/or intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in any academic course or final year project or final thesis.
  2. Fabrication: intentional and unauthorized falsification or invention of any information or citation in any academic course/ final year project/ final thesis.
  3. Facilitating academic dishonesty: Intentionally or knowingly helping or attempting to help another student to violate any provision of the Code of Academic Integrity.
  4. Plagiarism: Intentionally or knowingly representing the words or ideas of another as one’s own in any academic course or exercise.

If it is determined that an act of academic dishonesty has occurred, the matter is referred to Discipline Committee for further deliberation.

If it is determined that an act of academic dishonesty has occurred, the matter is referred to Discipline Committee for further deliberation.

Probation & Relegation

Probation is a status given to a student whose academic performance falls below an acceptable standard. A student with a Probation warning cannot enroll/register courses in the subsequent semester without approval of the concerned Dean/HOD. A student of undergraduate program who scores CGPA between 1.50 and 2.00 in a Semester; may be conditionally promoted to the next semester and he/ she shall be placed on first probation.

In case a student fails to score 2.00 CGPA in the Semester of First Probation, another chance shall be given to such student. He/she shall be conditionally promoted to the next semester and shall be placedon the last Probation.

If the probation count of a student becomes three (3) after Last Probation, he/she shall be relegated. A Relegated student shall not be allowed to register any new course(s) and only enroll/reregister his/her repeatable course(s). During relegation, he/she shall have to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.00. To remove the relegation status, he/she shall have to earn a minimum CGPA of 2.00. The relegation period shall be counted towards the maximum period allowed for the program.

If a student cannot earn a minimum GPA of 1.0 in the first semester, then he/she shall be dismissed from the program. In case GPA of a student in the first semester falls below 1.5 but equal to or above 1.0 then he/she shall be given a serious warning (the last chance to attain a semester GPA of 2.0 or above). A student on serious warning shall be dismissed from the program if he/she fails to achieve minimum semester GPA of 2.0.


Readmission in the Program is only allowed once. However, under exceptional circumstances upon recommendation of concerned Dean/HOD, the Vice Chancellor may allow the student, a second readmission into the Program. Such student shall have to complete the Degree within the maximum duration allowed for program completion from the date of first admission in the program.

The student shall pay the readmission and registration fee (as prescribed by the University) if he wishes to join the program in the next regular semester after abandoning the degree program.

If such student remains absent/ or does not apply for readmission/re-registers for next (3rd consecutive) semester, then he/she shall cease to be a student of the University and shall not be readmitted in the same program.

For Undergraduate level program, a student who gets readmission in the program shall get exemption for the courses which he/ she has qualified with Grade higher than C+. Such student shall have to complete the Degree within the maximum duration allowed for program completion from the date of first admission in the program.

Cancellation of Enrollment

If a student fails to pay a semester fee before the final Exam of that semester or to attend any class exercise/ activity during the first four weeks after the official commencement of the semester, his/her enrollment/ admission shall stand cancelled automatically from the roll of the University without any notification, on a reported absence by the course instructor.

Students are expected to maintain the highest standards of conduct. For all graded presentation and competitions, students are expected to dress professionally- for men that is wearing a suit with a tie and shirt buttoned up, and for women that is wearing professional colors and well- ironed clothes.

Cases that may result in suspension or expulsion are heard by committees, comprised of faculty members. Acts of violence, intimidation, disruption, or rioting; substantial theft or damaging university property; fraud or forgery; use or distribution of illegal drugs; wrongful use of technology; are forms of misconduct that most frequently result in dismissal from the University.

Prohibited Conduct

The following is general list of what constitutes prohibited conduct and is subject to disciplinary action:

  • Initiating or causing to be initiated a false report, warning or threat of fire, explosion or other emergency
  • Possession of any weapon
  • Causing physical harm or threat of harm to faculty or fellow students or any management member
  • Serious Crime committed off-campus
  • Violating the terms of any disciplinary sanction imposed
  • Distribution or possession for purposes of distribution of any illegal drug
  • Furnishing false information to the University
  • Interfering with the freedom of expression of others
  • Theft of property or of services; possession of stolen property
  • Destroying or damaging the property of others
  • Engaging in disorderly or disruptive conduct
  • Failure to comply with the directions of university officials
  • Use or possession of any illegal drug or controlled substances
  • Use or possession of fireworks
  • Use or possession of any alcoholic beverage
  • Violation of published university regulations or policies including the hostel contract, as well as those regulations relating to entry and use of University facilities, use of vehicles, campus demonstrations, misuse of identification cards, sexual misconduct, hazing, acceptable use, and parking regulations.
Those students found guilty of any of the following acts will be immediately dismissed from campus:

Assault, theft, damaged property, fire-setting, or other serious misconduct related to a University-sponsored event, occurring on- or off-campus, that results in harm to persons or property or otherwise poses a threat to the stability of the campus or campus community may result in disciplinary action.

Faculty Members

Our talented and competent faculty members are responsible for keeping the University a well organized and efficient institution, and developing the latest and most up-to-date courses for our students.

Dr. Shafique Baig

Dean - Professor

Dr. Shafique Baig

Dean - Professor

Dr. Farah Kashif

Assistant Professor

Dr. Farah Kashif

Assistant Professor

Anwaar Hussain


Anwaar Hussain


Nimra Jamil


Nimra Jamil


Saima Bano


Saima Bano



(Frequently Asked Questions)

FA/F.Sc. from an HEC recognized institution or A-level from an English educational system or equivalent from other foreign systems. Minimum 2nd division. Attaining 60% marks in admission test by the department or appearing in interview.

Yes, you will have to appear for interview with panel or in the admission test.

A range of scholarships are offered by USA to support students in academic excellence and attainment. Details of scholarships are provided in scholarship section.

Yes, if it is HEC recognized. You can transfer up to half the degree credit hours, if the courses match the ones in the USA roadmap. The department will request you to present your transcript and after reviewing will let you know the status.

The roadmap students will study has been approved by the Academic Council after consultation with all appropriate bodies. All courses are updated before semester starts.

Internship and Thesis are compulsory. Students are encouraged to get volunteer experience in social sector as well.

Students typically take 4 years to finish their undergraduate studies.

You will have access to air conditioned rooms, state of the art library and labs, and the support of offices in preparation of your resume, interview skills and soft skill development.

USA offers many clubs and societies where students can display their talents in drama, singing, debating and others. Extracurricular are an excellent platform to build leadership and other soft skills and make friendships that last a long time.

The spirit of the department is of mutual respect and collaborative. Students and faculty members often work together on research ideas and offer feedback and suggestions on projects. We encourage development of academic expertise and soft skills for holistic growth of students.

The opportunities available to USA media studies, psychology, and english major graduates are very wide. We take pleasure in informing you that there is a wide market for our graduates in different sectors. A graduate may also opt to pursue a Masters Degree or PhD, or start their own entrepreneurial set-up. At USA, you have the option to select such value added elective courses from other departments.

There is a requirement for students to dress professionally for University classes. When a formal presentation takes place, dress code is required that includes suits for male students and single coloured or professional clothes for female students.

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