Bachelor of Civil Engineering

//Bachelor of Civil Engineering
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BS Civil Engineering deals with creating and supervising construction project such as building, roads, bridges and railway etc. Civil engineers play an important role to fulfill basic needs of human being. Civil engineers provide basic foundation for launching any new project. The students are not only required to be knowledgeable in technical areas but is also expected to have excellent communication skills and an appreciation of cost-effective engineering solutions.

Marks Required : 50%

Credit Hours : 132

Duration : 4 Years

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Campus Name Scholarship Percentage
DHA Campus N/A
Cantt Campus 55%
Gulberg Campus 75%
Raiwind Rd Campus 75%


Semester 1

Sr. Course Title
1. Civil Engineering Materials (Part-I)
2. Civil Engineering Materials (Part-II)
3. Civil Engineering Drawing (Part-I)
4. Civil Engineering Drawing (Part-II)
5. Introduction to Computer Programming (Part-I)
6. Introduction to Computer Programming (Part-II)
7. Islamiat and Pak Studies-I
8. Mathematics-I

Semester 2

Sr. Course Title
1. Elementary Surveying (Part-I)
2. Elementary Surveying (Part-II)
3. Engineering Mechanics (Part-I)
4. Engineering Mechanics (Part-II)
5. Writing and Communication Skills
6. Electro-Mechanical Engineering (Part-I)
7. Electro-Mechanical Engineering (Part-II)
8. Mathematics-II
9. Tutorial

Semester 3

Sr. Course Title
1. Engineering Geology (Part-I)
2. Engineering Geology (Part-II)
3. Surveying and GIS-RS Applications (Part-I)
4. Surveying and GIS-RS Applications (Part-II)
5. Strength of Materials (Part-I)
6. Strength of Materials (Part-II)
7. Fluid Mechanics-I (Part-I)
8. Fluid Mechanics-I (Part-II)
9. Probability and Statistics
10. Tutorial

Semester 4

Sr. Course Title
1. Structural Analysis I/strong>
2. Civil Engineering Construction and Graphics (Part-I)
3. Civil Engineering Construction and Graphics (Part-II)
4. Civil Engineering Practice (Part-I)
5. Civil Engineering Practice (Part-II)
6. Geotechnical Engineering- I (Part-I)
7. Geotechnical Engineering -I (Part-II)
8. Numerical Analysis
9. Tutorial

Semester 5

Sr. Course Title
1. Signals and Systems
2. Instrumentation and Measurements
3. Microprocessor Based Systems
4. Probability Methods for Engineers
5. Microprocessor Based Systems
6. Probability Methods for Engineers
7. Microprocessor Based Systems
8. Probability Methods for Engineers
9. Microprocessor Based Systems
10. Probability Methods for Engineers

Semester 6

Sr. Course Title
1. Structural Mechanics (Part-I)
2. Structural Mechanics (Part-II)
3. Plain and Reinforced Concrete -I (Part-I)
4. Plain and Reinforced Concrete -I (Part-II)
5. Fluid Mechanics -II (Part-I)
6. Probability Methods for Engineers
7. Microprocessor Based Systems
8. Fluid Mechanics -II (Part-II)
9. Social Sciences*
10. Islamiat and Pak Studies-II

Semester 7

Sr. Course Title
1. Hydraulics Engineering (Part-I)
2. Hydraulics Engineering (Part-II)
3. Structural Engineering (Part-I)
4. Structural Engineering (Part-II)
5. Plain and Reinforced Concrete -II (Part-I)
6. Plain and Reinforced Concrete -II (Part-II)
7. Transportation Engineering (Part-I)
8. Transportation Engineering (Part-II)
9. Project

Semester 8

Sr. Course Title
1. Design of Structures (Part-I)
2. Design of Structures (Part-II)
3. Environmental Engineering (Part-I)
4. Environmental Engineering (Part-II)
5. Pavement and Foundation Engineering
6. Irrigation Engineering (Part-I)
7. Irrigation Engineering (Part-II)
8. Project