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The purpose of launching PhD program at the University of South Asia is to prepare students at the advanced level to investigate and resolve new challenges faced by Computer Science discipline. The PhD program at University of South Asia provides solid theoretical foundations by offering the latest courses designed by leading experts in the field. Students are also exposed to the latest research ideas through innovative technologies and theoretical knowledge of the subject.

The Department of Computer Science is committed to achieve the highest international standard and encourages students to optimize their skills and potentials to solve the contemporary problems of computer science. Thus seeking and disseminating knowledge has been our priority since the time of inception. The CS department provides a tremendous learning and research environment through its highly qualified faculty and research groups working in the areas of Networking, Databases, Software Engineering, and Computer Vision and Graphics.


The Graduate Program in Computer Science has been designed with the objectives that the students will:

Possess a breadth of knowledge in Computer Science, combined with a depth of knowledge in at least one focus area.

Be capable of independent research in Computer Science.

Be familiar with the literature in the field and be able to perform a literature search on an advanced topic in Computer Science.

Be knowledgeable about the theoretical foundations of computing and have strong practical application experience.

Be able to make a professional presentation and be able to write a research article in the field of Computer Science.

Having experience working in teams and Faculty.


Sr. No Category/Area CR Hrs
A Courses 18
B Research Thesis 30
Total 48

Course Structure:

There is no Core Course in PhD, students study six elective course for their own choice / specialization

Elective Courses

PhD Program is offered in the following Disciplines:
1- Software Engineering
2- Semantic Web
3- Networking
4- Database System
5- Multimedia & Graphics

List of Elective Courses (3 Credit Hours Each Course)
Software Engineering

Course Code Course Title CH
CSSE001 Special Topics in Software Engineering 3(3, 0)
CSSE012 Advanced Topics in Object Oriented Software Engineering 3(3, 0)
CSSE003 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering Technologies 3(3, 0)
CSSE004 Advanced Topics in Software Project Management 3(3, 0)
CSSE005 Advanced Topics in Software Estimation and Costing 3(3, 0)
CSSE006 Reverse Engineering 3(3, 0)
CSSE007 Advanced Topics in Human Computer Interaction 3(3, 0)
CSSE008 Advanced Topics in Software Quality Assurance 3(3, 0)
CSSE009 Advanced Topics in Requirements Engineering 3(3, 0)

Semantic Web

Course Code Course Title CH
CSSE011 Advanced Topics in Semantic Web 3(3, 0)
CSSE012 Semantic Web 3(3, 0)
CSSE013 Web Warehousing and Web Mining 3(3, 0)
CSSE014 E-Services for Business Integration 3(3, 0)
CSSE015 Semantic Web Services 3(3, 0)
CSSE016 Component Software 3(3, 0)


Course Code Course Title CH
CSSE017 Advanced Topics in Computer Vision 3(3, 0)
CSSE018 Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems 3(3, 0)
CSSE019 Advanced Topics in Social Networks 3(3, 0)
CSSE020 Advanced Topics in Wireless Networks 3(3, 0)
CSSE021 Advanced Topic in Cryptography and Network Security 3(3, 0)
CSSE022 Performance Evaluation of Networks 3(3, 0)
CSSE023 Advanced Topics in Distributed Computing 3(3, 0)
CSSE024 Advanced Topics in Computer Networks 3(3, 0)

Database System

Course Code Course Title CH
CSSE025 Special Topics in Database Systems 3(3, 0)
CSSE026 Advanced Topics in Data Mining 3(3, 0)
CSSE027 Advanced Topics in Data Warehousing 3(3, 0)
CSSE028 Advanced Topics in Database Systems 3(3, 0)
CSSE029 Web Based Databases 3(3, 0)
CSSE030 Advanced Topics in Object Oriented Databases 3(3, 0)
CSSE031 Advanced Topics in Distributed Databases 3(3, 0)

Multimedia & Graphics

Course Code Course Title CH
CSSE032 Advanced Topics in Human Computer Interaction 3(3, 0)
CSSE033 Advanced Topics in Computer Animation and 3D Modeling 3(3, 0)
CSSE034 Advanced Topics in Multimedia Technologies 3(3, 0)
CSSE035 Advanced Topics in Multimedia System Design 3(3, 0)
CSSE036 Advanced Topics in Multimedia Communications and Broadband 3(3, 0)
CSSE037 Advanced Topics in Multimedia and Hypermedia Systems 3(3, 0)


An MS/ M.Phil degree with Thesis of 06 credit hours or its equivalent degree with thesis of 06 credit hours, in the relevant field from an accredited educational institution, with minimum CGPA 3.0/ 4.0 (semester system) or 70% marks (annual system) and no third division (annual system) or ‘D’ grade (semester system) throughout the academic career.

GRE (subject) as per HEC policy or NTS GAT (subject) with minimum score of 60.

Program’s Duration

The duration of studies for PhD degree shall be not less than three years and not more than five years.

Admission Fee 2018-07-24T10:26:08+00:00
Admission Fee
Admission Fee (One time Charges at the time of admission) 25000 (For all degree programs)
Faculty of Computer Science 2019-06-20T07:10:30+00:00

Faculty of Computer Science
Undergraduate programs Semester Fee Annual Fee Total Fee
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science(BSCS) 80,000 160,000 640,000
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering(BSSE) 80,000 160,000 640,000
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) 80,000 160,000 640,000
Graduate Programs
Master of Science in Computer Science 80,000 160,000 320,000
Post Graduate Programs
PhD in Computer Sciences 80,000 160,000 480,000


1. Fee for the first semester is payable at the time of admission.
2. Fee for subsequent semesters is payable on first Saturday of December and May.
3. Separate per course fee is charged for Summer Semester that is payable at the time of enrolment.
4. Fee bills are distributed to students in classes and are also available at the accounts office. They can also be printed from the Student portal when the fee becomes due.
5. It is the responsibility of the student to submit the fees before the last date.
6. After due date fine will be charged for late payments
7. Students failing to clear the fee within two weeks past the due date will be denied entry into the campus.
8. Students will not to be allowed to sit in the exam if their dues are not clear

Course Work

MPhil Programs

– An MPhil scholar will have to complete minimum of 30 credit hours by undertaking 24 credit hours course work from approved Scheme of Studies and 06 credit hours of MPhil Thesis.

PhD Programs

– A PhD scholar shall have to complete 18 credit hours of graduate level course work from approved Scheme of Studies and 09 credit hours of PhD thesis.
– The registration of PhD thesis of 09 credit hours shall be allowed after the completion of coursework for PhD degree
– If the scheme of courses completed by candidates for their last academic degree in the relevant field does not provide adequate background for the PhD program into which they are seeking admission, they may be required to rectify the deficiency by taking one or more additional courses proposed by the departmental Advisory Committee.