Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, President University of South Asia presided the meeting with senior management and faculty along with Chairman Board of Governors Mr. Mahmood Sadiq, Vice Chairperson Ms. Hina Sadiq, Vice chairman Dr. Shafqat ali Beg & Vice Chancellor Mr. Imran Masood, where academic plans of all departments were discussed. Respected head of departments presented their vision, future plans and achievement to date.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan interacted with faculty and monitored the academic activities of the Departments. Talking to the Faculties he advised them to work hard in the pursuit of higher education because education is a beacon of light for nation. He said, with the help of quality education, the social and economic problems could be resolved easily. He concluded by acknowledging that the variable road map system of University of South Asia which inculcates decision making power in students hence enabling them to master this much needed skill.

Jul 14, 2016