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Diploma Overview

The Professional Diploma in Web Tech and Digital Marketing is a year-long diploma that imparts the tools and skills needed by young professionals to create a cohesive, effective online marketing strategy and presence.
There are 7 courses and a capstone project in this diploma that cover in detail all of the disciplines involved in best practice digital marketing and web technologies.
The advantage we have created for students is that they can study any course independently and receive a recognized certification for it, or study all the courses and gain the Professional Diploma in Web Tech and Digital Marketing.


Courses Offered Campus Days Time Start Date
Digital Marketing
Web & Database Development
Raiwind Campus Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 6-9pm 7th January, 2019
Digital Marketing
Web & Database Development
Cantt Campus Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2-5pm 4th January, 2019

What You’ll Learn

USA envisions its students to have the maximum number of skills required to survive the on-going competitive tech war. The complete learning outcomes of the Diploma constitute of the learning outcomes of each course, however some of them have been mentioned below:

  • WordPress | E-Commerce | & Web-marketing Skills
  • Complete Design & development of static and dynamic websites by using HTML | CSS | & PHP (Hypertext Processor)
  • Exposure to create ERD-Models
  • Complete understanding & creation of Database & its creation (MySQL, Oracle, SQL)
  • Enhance your usage of complex queries | triggers | views & schema modification.
  • Creating | Implementing | Managing & Measuring Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Getting Skilled at SEO | SMM | Email Marketing | PPC & AdWords Campaigns (Google Certification eligibility)
  • Decoding Social Media Analytics | Google Analytics | Web Analytics including Facebook Pixel
  • Exposure to Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Urdu Typography and Adobe Premiere
  • Understand Pre-Press and Print Production | Post production
  • Creating Marketing Strategies around Colour Psychology
  • Design & develop android applications using XML and Java Language
  • Ability to communicate data from User Interface such as Text View | Edit Text | Dialogue box |push notification etc.
  • Learn Object Oriented Programming
  • Develop cinematic standard ads for Social Media (Facebook ads & YouTube filming)
  • Ability to understand consumer & organizational buying behavior
  • Mastering the art of negotiation
  • Learn effective communication with prospective clients to get more valuable sales
  • Ability to handle Key Accounts and implement Relationship Selling
  • Ability to conduct basic sales forecasting & budgeting
  • Complete understanding of key elements within the marketing communications mix (e.g. Advertising | promotion | direct marketing & internet) and their integration with Social Platforms
  • Improving Brand Recall & leading brand awareness with customer engaging content and marketing tactics
  • Understanding the role of digital advertising in the marketing ecosystem and its significance in the customer journey
  • Produce a portfolio of various content types for instance blogs | web copy | & social media content etc.
  • Learn to use WordPress
  • Excel in designing and developing a static website by using HTML and CSS
  • Understand how to create intuitive and easy to navigate buttons, images, links,
    drop down menu’s, jump boxes, tables layout etc
  • Master the creation of dynamic websites by using PHP (Hypertext Processor)
  • Effectively use Ajax, J-Query and Bootstraps in websites
  • Exposure to create ERD-Models
  • Learn table creation in the databases (MySQL, Oracle)
  • Understand Database Normalization
  • Use SQL (Structure Query Language) to retrieve the data from the database
  • Enhance your usage of complex queries, triggers, views and schema modification
  • Create an Information Architecture document for a website
  • Construct a website that conforms to the web standards of today and includes
    e-commerce and web marketing
  • Understand the foundation and key terminologies of Digital Marketing
  • Learn to plan, implement and measure a digital marketing strategy
  • Acquire the technical know-how, understanding and insight to build and maintain an effective SEO strategy
  • Learn how to execute AdWords campaigns and become a “Google Certified Adwords Professional”
  • Understand Google Analytics
  • Analyse social media analytics to extract actionable insights and observe trends
  • Effectively recognize the different social media communication styles that apply to diverse audiences visiting
    different platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube etc
  • Understand Facebook Pixel and its role in Audience Targeting
  • Learn how to utilise Content Marketing to generate traffic
  • Learn the essentials of Graphic design
  • Exposure to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Urdu Typography
  • Understand Pre-Press and Print Production, Post production
  • Master campaign designing techniques and principles
  • Learn to think broadly, be receptive to new ideas, and be prepared to generate novel and unexpected original content
  • Enhance your understanding of typography, layout and design, color psychology, advanced advertising, promotional
    design and commercial illustration
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Mobile App Development and develop a comprehensive overview of Android Studio
  • Understand how to design and develop an android application using XML and Java Language
  • Effectively learn to receive and pass data from User Interface such as TextView, EditText, Dialogue box, push
    notification etc.
  • Learn Object Oriented Programming
  • Understand how to perform, manage mobile application development activities and implement mobile applications
    that address business requirements
  • Gain insight into new trends and features in the mobile device marketplace
  • Publishing, deployment, management, and maintenance of mobile applications
  • Learn the theories, techniques and practices of digital video production and screen culture
  • Gain insight into basic video analysis
  • Explore related concepts of documentary and experimental forms, team and project management, visual language, high definition broadcast TV studio production and short filmmaking
  • Produce accurate and professional storyboards
  • Understand how to record high-quality sound
  • Understand DSLR production and get the opportunity to work on directing and producing projects
  • Understand the role of Selling in Marketing
  • Learn the principles, practices and tools involved in all aspects of the selling process
  • Enhance your knowledge of consumer and organizational buying behavior
  • Master the science of sales and learn key sales techniques
  • Develop personal selling skills to address consumer need and problem identification, dealing with objections, negotiating successfully, closing the sale and following-up
  • Exposure to Key Account Management and Relationship Selling
  • Effectively understand the importance of sales environment, sales cycle and sales process
  • Understand basic sales forecasting and budgeting
  • Learn the purpose and process for salesforce evaluation
  • Understand integrated marketing communication strategies for Social Platforms
  • Enhance your awareness of how key elements within the marketing communications mix (e.g. Advertising,
    promotion, direct marketing and internet) are integrated
  • Learn how to significantly improve brand recall (by consistently displaying your ads to your target audience)
    and drive brand awareness and interaction
  • Understand your online audiences, where they are, what they want and how to engage with them
  • Exposure to how digital advertising plays a role in the marketing ecosystem and customer journey
  • Learn how to create engaging content that generates a real value exchange with your online audience
  • Produce a portfolio of various content types like blogs, web copy, and social media content etc.
  • Be able to inspire feedback, react to best effect, and measure success to online content


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