Students from University of South Asia Mr. Nabeel & Mr. Fahad under the supervision of Mr. Pir Amad Ali Shah, along with research paper on the topic “Computational Models of Multi-Agent System Based on Interaction and Coordination” in Information & Enabling Technologies participated and exhibit their innovative idea in the highly professionally organized exhibition DICE-IET 2016.

The target was to have a display of at least 50 Information & Enabling Technologies related innovations from academia. One out of which was proudly presented by Mr. Fahad and Mr. Nabeel under the supervision of Mr. Pir Amad Ali Shah – Assistant Professor department of Computer Science.

Annual DICE Mega Innovation Event was one of the major initiatives of the DICE Program and has been conducted every year since 2007. The idea behind the event was to motivate academia, industry, government, entrepreneurs and expatriates to come to a common platform to showcase innovations and technologies, share knowledge and further collaborate with each other for the rapid development of innovative products, necessary for the economic development of the country. To establish a strong linkage b/w academia and Information & Enabling Technologies’ industry and provide a common platform for academia, industry, government, entrepreneurs and expatriates to interact, share knowledge and collaborate on innovations and commercialization, in order to grow the indigenous Information & Enabling Technologies industry in the country. Participation in the largest and most pioneering Innovation and Entrepreneurship event in the Information & Enabling Technologies sector is a proud moment for the students and University of South Asia.

Nov 3, 2016