Universities play a leading role in the growth and development of a society. The graduates of universities act as agents of progress and advancement. If properly trained in their areas of specialization, along with understanding the art of learning, students can become catalysts of positive change.
Studying a few subjects, memorizing some theories and doing limited research is not what we at University of South Asia call “Education”. Here, education has a deeper meaning for us and our students. We believe in a complete transformation of the personality coupled with the right knowledge, skills and vision, charting the path to excellence for our students. At the University of South Asia, we are committed to academic excellence in our classrooms; relevant curricula in our programs and caring, personal attention to our students.
Currently located in Eastern and Western parts of Lahore, we are opening our doors to every student living in Pakistan. We believe the formula for an outstanding university is great students, great faculty and great facilities. You will find them all here at the University of South Asia.Our curriculum is designed to help the students acquire practical knowledge that can be applied in real life situations. Our faculty body is amongst the most qualified from a diverse range of backgrounds. Through our ongoing strategy of recruiting and retaining faculty members of the highest caliber and attracting to the University an increasing number of talented students, we have moved considerably closer to achieving our goal of academic excellence. We offer a challenging intellectual environment with 21 undergraduate degree programs in more than 150 fields of study.
The University of South Asia has completed its 16 years of operating as a chartered Institution and thirty-one years of providing high quality education in the private sector.
From Engineering to Computer Sciences, Health Sciences, Business Management to Language and Literature, USA offers an academic program for every student.
In the end, I hope the challenges we have taken at USA to move to the next level of distinction, and accelerate the pace of our advancement, will enable us to convert Man Power to Mind Power across our nation.

Mahmood Sadiq
Chairman Board of Governors