Center for Continuing Professional Development

The centre offers professional development courses across a wide range of professional disciplines enabling teachers and leaders to enhance understanding and competence and develop knowledge and skills. Courses are designed to enhance teachers’ competence in:

  • Professional Practices
  • Language Proficiency
  • Formal qualification

The goal of these courses is to facilitate faculty on lifelong learning and to enhance their awareness, understanding, engagement and integration of latest teaching research with their work.

Center of Continuing Education

Choose from hundreds of short courses in Lahore, Punjab at the Center for Continuing Education at University of South Asia, open to the general public for studying. Our training courses are designed to meet the learning and education needs of our local market and are prepared by experts at University of South Asia and carefully selected educators who are industry experts in their field. Your training with us means you will develop skills and knowledge in your chosen area of professional, personal or academic interest. Our training courses are continually updated to ensure they remain current, relevant and high quality. With short courses that cover a diverse range of interests and designed for all stages of life, you can learn new skills, gain new insights or discover your untapped creativity – hundreds of short courses in Lahore make it all possible at the University of South Asia’s Center for Continuing Education.

Center of E-commerce

Enthused with the mission to continuously improve professional and personal competence of USA students, the objective of establishing a Center for e-Commerce at the University of South Asia ([email protected]) is to enhance students’ employability skills. Conducting business online offers exciting and boundless business opportunities. [email protected] will train our students to successfully tap these opportunities.

The USA Center for e-commerce is the premier educational seminars series for in-house counsel and practitioners in the Ecommerce industry. Leading experts from industry, legal practice and academia addresses current issues facing the industry and offer practical solutions for dealing with the many legal uncertainties that arise when doing business online.