Centre for E-commerce (CEC)

Centre for E-commerce (CEC)

About CEC

CEC is the initiative of University of South Asia under the umbrella of Business School. The aim of this Center is to teach students about different business models available that include online and offline integration and its various perspectives.

We all know that in past few decades technology has changed many things around us. We have switched from wired to wireless networks, big hard drives have been replaced by small usbs and world has become so reachable and approachable that it is just a click away.

Here at Center of Ecommerce we want to introduce our student body to the latest trends. We need to equip our business students about the different aspects of ecommerce and how they can be benefited with this latest trend.

In this era where job market is getting very narrow, ecommerce can provide very rewarding future. Keeping this view in mind we the business school team has planned a complete range of seminars where different personalities indulged in this aspect of business will be invited to give our students glimpse and make them grasp different tactics of Ecommerce. In the prevailing pandemic situation, this area has taken more importance as social distancing has increased movement towards contactless online transactions. The challenges and opportunities that have arisen now need to be discussed and tackled.

What Our Students Will Learn:
  1. Students will learn what ecommerce business models are present in the market.
  2. They will learn how e-commerce practices differ from traditional business strategies.
  3. They will learn to evaluate changes in business relationships between organizations and their customers enabled by e-commerce.
  4. They will get to know about some hardware and software technologies used to build an e-business infrastructures within an organization and with its partners.
  5. They will be learning about economic and competitive factors, taxation and internet governance.
  6. They will learn about the concept of globalization and ecommerce.
  7. They will learn and be inspired to have their own startups which will lead to the concept of entrepreneurship.
  8. They will learn different aspects of customer relation aspects where B-B and B-C are concerned.
  9. They will get to know about elements of supply chain management and their relationship with value networks.
  10. They will get to know about how marketing can be benefited by this ecommerce technology.

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